Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nightly Megathread #173

FPLOON? FPLOOON? H-hello? Did the ghosts get him? Or have I been playing Luigi's Mansion too much? Trick question, there's no such thing. Quick little Nightly just past here.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #204_2

Today was a good day for art...
So have another Artsy full of colors and magic and beautiful ponies. (hint, hint)
And lineart of Fluttershy being some kind of bird. Found that on a tumblr. *shrug*

Big Apple Ponycon YTPMV

As always on weekends, even the last of the mods left for the day. And since I have nothing serious to throw at you either, have this nice YTPMV instead.
Even though it's frequently used, I still like the looped Pinkie drums.

Game: Derp-legends

What another game? |head on down to play|

Tiny Animations

Simple, Sandwich Flash Doodle by: FluffPon Fullscreen
Lucyan Traval The World by: AVCHonline Fullscreen
Small AJ is troubled by: TigerPegasus Fullscreen
(ANIMAITON) Little Pinkie is sad by: TigerPegasus Fullscreen
(ANIMATION) Tiny Rainbow is depressed by: TigerPegasus Fullscreen
Hurricane Pinkie by: Yooyfull Fullscreen

Howza bouta animation post? |*points to below break*|

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #204_1

As you may or may not have noticed, there was supposed to be a second Artsy yesterday. Well... I fell asleep before I could make it. In my defense, though, it was about 3am.
So... I'm very sorry for any issues you may get with this post, but it's a large one again with 70 entries.
Be patient with the loading time and yell at me if you want to.

Also, since you asked for it, I lowered the bar so that more drawings will find their way in here.

Spike Does A Thing

How about a random Spike appreciation day? Just name what you like about him.
And because he's a dragon, you can't even say that you really like his mane, ha! His scales don't count either.

Yeah, I'm working on the Artsy...