Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nightly Megathread # 32

Happy Nightmare Night! by *asluc96
I was working all day, with no break or way to do the Nightly, so I wasn't prepared for this. |view it after the break|

Monthly Roundup: October

"I know what I did last Nightmare Night..."

Well, another month has passed (basically) and I've found some videos that were overlooked in October. Why? There are many reasons why, but they aren't that important right now... (*mumbles* Google... *mumbles*)

So, after the break, check out these different videos... or just spend the rest of this post looking at my feedback comments on these videos, all located after the break... (I vote for the first one, personally...)

Hub Releases Pilot Pony Episodes

Friendship is Ponies!!
My Little Pony by ~Corina93

Now be honest here, how many of you have never legally watched an episode of Friendship is Magic? No Hub network or don't want to give Apple your money? Do you feel guilty for your crimes? Probably not, but there's still a chance for your civil redemption: Hub has released the pilot episodes on their website. Go check them out here, even though you've probably seen them ten or many more times.

Into the Spotlight - Episode 1: Sophie Cabra

Rainbow Dash by SophieCabra
Brony artist Spain Fischer (aka SophieCabra) was interviewed in the first ever episode of "Into the Spotlight" with OsakaJack. Click here or check it out after the break...

Mega Music Post #13

Applejack is not amused with this post, but that's okay because background ponies don't have a say in much. So enjoy the music!
(Don't kill me, Applejack fans!)

1.) The Spirit of Nightmare Night - KFrohman
2.) Macarou - Into The Hive
3.) Chill
4.) Let This Be The End (FIReNVY Remix) [WIP]
5.) Pinkie Pie - Chimmy Cherry Changa (174UDSI Remix)
6.) Sonic Breakbeat - Show Off
7.) Past Sins: Treachery
8.) Resonantwaves - Ponyville's Catacombs
9.) Happy Halloween! #1: My Little Colt- Alice Human Sacrifice

Miniature Discussion post #12

Not bad for a chicken *Radiogenic explodes*

Folks, prepare for discussionception!

So now that the format of discussion posts has been established and given form, what do you think of it? Are there other formats that could be more thought-provoking or organized? Perhaps separate questions could be in bulleted lists, stuff could be color coded, or the discussion posts could be done in conjunction with the polls? (...maybe that second suggestion could be left for Rainbow Dash day) In general, what formats for discussions would you find most engaging?

And of course, on a similar note, what discussion topics would you like to see?

Music: Lullaby for a Princess / Lunar Harvest / A Nightmare to Remember

Oh no! Pinkie's not suppose to be fed candy after midnight!

Halloween, Nightmare Night, it doesn't matter! Just wear costumes and eat other peoples food!
Music to listen to while your attacking your neighbor like a wild animal.

1.) Lullaby for a Princess - Cover by MEMJ
2.) [Halloween Special Metal] Cyril the Wolf - Lunar Harvest
3.) Radiarc - A Nightmare to Remember (1k sub special)

Top Ten Brony Songs of October (Voting)

DJs? by *KristySK

Are you guys ready to fight over best music as much as these two ponies do? Well, I guess you don't have to do that. But if you have some personal standouts from the month of October you'd like to promote, check out the voting video past the earthquake break.

Halloween Teaser

Have a teaser for the next upcoming animation by BronyDanceParty. It looks like he has improved on his animation.


Ready for wallpapers? good cuz I got over 100 of them, I guarantee you'll find something you like. extra credit or a prize for whoever comments on all of them. |get mobbed after the break|

Artsy Wartsy Stuff #26

I tried my hand at art once. After countless hours in MS paint, assembling parts of George Moromisato's artwork, screencaps from the show, and a wallpaper I found here, this was the result. I'd say it's not too shabby. Kudos to anyone who gets the Transcendence reference. Rainbow Dash is best Ares plasma archcannon beam! Art after the break. (a bit spoiler-y further down)

Comic post #26 : Chicky Situation / Derpy Hooves - Costume Process / Cupcakes halloween :3 Gift from Blackpawed! / Quickie: Hallowe'en at Hatbulb Productions

We got some more comics for you. Ponies and chickens, Derpy and muffins, and more! Read em' after the break!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #25

I think mad scientist Twi fits the Nightmare Night theme. Also, major spoilers starting at #23 till the end!
If you don't want to see them, stop at #23. Enjoy some art after the break!

My Little Pony game - Official Teaser Trailer - iOS/Android

Gameloft has just released their very first teaser trailer for the upcoming mobile MLP game. watch it after the break!

PMV : On My Way / Nighttime Queen / Sleeping Sun

Good morning everyone. We got some PMVs to start your day. I really like #1, probably because Brother Bear was the last animated movie I ever saw in theaters. Good times...Anyway, Go and watch em after the break.

1.) PMV - On My Way (Brother Bear OST)
2.) Flaedr - Nighttime Queen
3.) PMV - Sleeping Sun

Top 10 Pony Video Voting for October (plus prize!)

October is almost over, and as we head into November, it is time again to look through the awesomeness our fandom has made on Youtube. The top ten voting has started, but this time it is different. This time around, you can win a prize! The Prize is a MLP season DVD. The prize is only open to people in the United States and Canada, due to mailing restrictions. Watch both voting vids after the break!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nightly Megathread #31

Nightmare moon approves of late-night posting

This post now has 100% more Mike. With all my classes recently I've forgotten how to random. I'm sure this post will be a good refresher.

Mega Music Post #12

Complete the music lap before anyone else and you get a cookie!

1.) Nightmare Lyre - Cheerilee's Breakdown [Original Song]
2.) Twilight Sparkle's Mind Palace - 4/4
3.) On Nightmare Night (Bonus Track from Pinkenstein EP)
4.) Someday-Prism Ripple Cover REMASTERED
5.) Hush Now, Quiet Now (Cover)
6.) Glowing Lights - DJ Luna
7.) Radix-Thousand Chills
8.) Kyoga - Slender Me (Ft. Rhyme Flow)
9.) Atomizer [VIP] Redemption- Ibeabronyrapper and Skyline
10.) Like Sisters (By TheDashDub)

Made From Scratch - The V-Scratch Sessions

MandoPony has done it again. He has released another awesome song "Made From Scratch - The V-Scratch Sessions". Listen to it after the break!

Comic Post #25: Twilight's First Day #2 / Scarf Time! / Grayscale / Gone For Good? / MLP. Daring's Fall

MLP: Soon... by ~AniRichie-Art

Soon... she will have her shining episode. It will probably blow minds and melt hearts. I guess we'll all be dead in that case. inb4 Applejack is the villain in season three opener. Plenty of comics below, click read more, IF YOU DARE!

...err, just click it.

This Just In: Ponies Sell Tons of Merchandise

Okay, okay, so there's more to it than that.  But what this article is trying to say is that the brony phenomenon has lead to a huge amount of card and comic sales, and that marketing ploys like variant covers and special edition cards have only added fuel to the fire.  If you want to read the full thing, click on past the break...

Miniature Discussion post #11

CMC balloon-watchers yay! ...huh: this reminds me of that one EEnE episode with the balloon...

Today we're briefly going to discuss blog matters again, so put your thinking caps on and let's see what we can get!

Music : Sweetie-Bot's Master Plans / Stratum - Demure / Nigtmare Night has come

We got some more music headed at you. I am really liking #1. Don't know why, it just feels right. Listen to them after the break!

1._ Sweetie-Bot's Master Plans
2.) Stratum - Demure
3.) UnderKeel - Nigtmare Night has come

The Pony and the Car

                      Up next is an another animation featuring Wildfire/Sibsy and cars. Enjoy!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #24

Normally I'd put a Pinkie header but with all the Hurricane Sandy, East Coast, and all that, I thought I'd dedicate this post to the people going through all that.

Mashup: Sonoko's Pink Bombshell/ "Perfect Dark Gaia / Smile Smile Smile"/ love is in swagga

My mom's reaction to seeing other bronies...

I am happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless, but not for long
The future is coming on*

Mashups are the name and 2 (or sometimes more) songs are their game... Do they pass... or do they fail? You can't be sure until you give them a stern listen to... Two Pinkies (One of them Wooden Toaster-influenced) and a Archie after the break!!

1. Sonoko's Pink Bombshell (Mashup)
2. Perfect Dark Gaia / Smile Smile Smile mashup
3. Archie vs. Dastik - love is in swagga (remix by DjMorgsch)

*Today is my own mother's birthday, so this is one of her favorite songs...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #23

The circle of life, and it moves us all! ...Oh jeez these Art posts always get me emotional... but you didn't come here to see me cry so go after the page break... unless you did come to see me cry...

Music: Come Little Fillies / Destroy them with Streamers / Night of Frights / Pinkie Promise

Music for people who listen to music.
Ponyfied version of "Come Little Children", dubstep Halloween music, some atmospheery(See what I did there?) music, and some Silent Hill Pinkie music (That game needs to happen already!)

1.) Come Little Fillies - Giggly Maria and BassBeastJD
2.) Destroy them with Streamers - Element6
3.) Radiarc - Night of Frights
4.) Seventh Element - Pinkie Promise (Reprise)

Deadman Ponyland

Good morning everyone! To start the day, we have an awesome ponified opening . This is the ponified opening for the anime "Deadman Wonderland". It is pretty intense. Watch it after the break!

Beyond Her Garden Music Video

It's time for some Beyond Her Garden! Prepare for WTF moments.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Nightly Megathread #30

And then there was Shuup.  I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled Nightly Megathread to bring you... well, a Nightly Megathread.  But with more me.  Are you excited yet?  If the answer is no, don't tell me.  Just click past the break and pretend to look interested.

Random Vids

Bon Bon and Lyra by ~PhilosophyPony
Structure? Order? THIS IS DISCORDS DOMAIN BABY! |Random vids below the break|

Mega Music Post #11

Pinkie Pie - Dat ass! by Tereza2011
Dat Pinkie! Dat music! Dat page break! DAT EVERYTHING!
And you can "Dat *Insert magnificent thing worthy of mentioning here*" too, when you see all of this good stuff!

1.) Fluttershy's Lullaby (Sonata)
2.) Smile Like You Mean It Song.
3.) Mintjam-Passing By Cover by Radix
4.) The Nightmare Returns
5.) MLP: Octavia's Battle Theme (Remix)
6.) Samurai Dance Party - Bronyism
7.) Queen of Fright (Ft. Alioopster27) - Original MLP Music
8.) Carefree - Nu Jazz
9.) Blaze & LaserPon3 - Daft beep (work in progress?)
10.) ThePonice - Beware

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #22


Robotbob has been, incapacitated. Swat and I will be  taking over this weeks artsys... So at last minute notice, here is your AWS. |the page break beckons to you|

Comic Post #24: Superior Knowledge / MLP:FiM - Chickens Can't Fly / He Is So Girly

If You Only Knew The Power Of The Friendship... by ~MrBeattyJr

And no, the cupcake doesn't have to be referencing the infamous fanfic. Sheesh, some of you...

Crap. Irony strikes again.

Ah well, some juicy, delicious comics to be found below.

Miniature Discussion post #10


Well Halloween's on the way, so let's discuss a few scary things:
  1. What do you think is the scariest possible thing that would be allowed in MLP:FIM
  2. The Hub has canceled all future seasons: wat do? (it's hypothetical people, so you can stop worrying. Scary, I know)
  3. So apparently only hooved animals can talk in equestria. Assuming all the aimals actually use their hooves to talk somehow, how mutated would a horse need to be to even do that? I mean how does that even work?!
  4. IMHC that green powder Zecora used on Nightmare Night was made of intelligent nanomachines and the reason Luna/Celestia/ponies in general have no power over the Everfree forest is because it's all a swarm of nanites disguised as a forest, in a partially-contained grey goo scenario... Wait, was I supposed to phrase that as a question? Oh well. At least you all have the opportunity to learn a little about nanotechnology now: here, here and here. Oooh... learning... spooky! At least for some of you maybe... take that as a challenge.
Anyways, just in case this hurricane gets scary and I lose internet access, I'll post this early tonight.

Typography : September / PMV - This Ragged Heart

Today we got another awesome Typography animated PMV. It from the song "September" and is very well done. We also got a PMV of "This Ragged Heart" after that. Watch em' after the break!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #21

Source 1

Halloween/Nightmare Night is around the corner everybody! Personally, my favorite part is going to the firing range to shoot up the jack-o-lanterns afterwards! XD

Another Artsy is here after the break.

Also, expect less Artsies to be posted during November. College applications don't do themselves, you know!

The Hubs Playdate Premiere

Can't wait for season 3? Want to see exclusive footage of the season premiere? Well, you might be in luck: The Hub is having a "Playdate Premiere Party" at the Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. The event seems targeted toward families (either you or someone with you must be under the age of 18) and it runs from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM on Saturday, November 3. It will include an exclusive screening of the new season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and the series premiere of Littlest Pet Shop! Interested? You can register here.

And the NYC bronies are also planning to take the event by stormn (and perhaps during a storm) here.

Music : Nightmare Night feat. Coconeru / Fears / My First Dubstep Song

Good morning everyone! Hope you slept well. Got some awesome music to start the day. Head on past the break to listen to it!

1.) Nightmare Night feat. Coconeru
2.) Fears (Featuring BluNoseReindeer and BassBeastJD) - By Joaftheloaf
3.) My First Dubstep Song (WIP)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nightly Megathread #29

Look at this epic Luna. You know what else is epic? The journey you are about to go on. Don't believe me?
Go past the break to begin your quest.

Comic Post #23: Kindgergarten Days (S) 16 / [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS] / What a Fright! x2

Is it Halloween? - Jack Skellington and Pinkie Pie by ~DiegoTan

Do you like Halloween? Seems like cosplayer heaven to me. Hope everyone dressing up as their favorite equine has big adventure, tons of fun. Meanwhile, I'll be playing Assassin's Creed Tres. And prepping for MLP season three as well. On to the comics!

Miniature Discussion post #9

Twilight sparkle knows magic is at the center of every atom. I mean strong and weak forces? Popicock!

Tonight we are going to learn some etymology!

"The internet is capable of surprising feats of etymology: and the brony community is no exception. The term “brony” was thought up somewhere on /b/, 4chan’s notorious random board, and is a mixture of the terms “/b/”, “bro” and “pony”. The original spelling, lost for a while to internet feuding, was /b/rony. When the /b/ronies were pushed from 4chan, the backslashes were dropped, and the term became just “bronies”, and the stragglers that remained on 4chan (because banning methods are not perfectly effective) took to calling themselves “ponyfags” instead. 4chan also has other terms for bronies, corresponding to other boards on the site. These terms are “/co/lts” on the /co/ board and “nor/mlp/eople” on the newly-created /mlp/ board. These two terms aren’t used very frequently these days… perhaps they weren’t as catchy as “brony.” Because the term “brony” has the stem bro-, it was eventually argued that the term refers to male fans specifically and needed a counterpart to describe females. This is where the term “pegasister” came from, despite counterarguments that the term “brony” should be considered gender neutral, and inclusive of both male and female fans. “brony” can now be used as either gender neutral or in reference to male fans specifically, though many people still have preferences. “pegasister” has indeed come to refer to female fans of the show specifically. All this etymological evolution took place in just under a year, and by now the terms appear to have stabilized."
So have you seen any brony terminology develop during your time as a brony? This large quote does not take in to account many other terms related to the community, like "brohoof"; how would you analyze those terms etymologically? And furthermore where do you stand concerning the whole argument that spawned the term "pegasister"? Do you consider "Brony" gender-neutral? Do you think a word for female bronies was necessary, even just as a practical matter? Or is "pegasister" just an extra and unnecessary label to you?

Music: Peak Freak - Believe/[MLP FiM] Super Rainbow Dash's Theme/Summer Sun Celebration LONG After Dawn

Fun fact: The antennae of the Indian luna moth detects a single sex pheromone molecule from more than six miles away due to extremely sensitive olfactory receptors. - courtesy of AskNature and the Biomimicry Institute.

I wanted to collaborate with the Biomimicry Institute once... I don't know what happened to my motivation toward that end. One thing's for sure: they've come a long way in five years. I wonder how Janine Benyus is doing... Music after the break!

1:Peak Freak - Believe
2:[MLP FiM] Super Rainbow Dash's Theme
3:Seventh Element / Chain Algorithm - Summer Sun Celebration LONG After Dawn

Poll Results

Well the pool says Scootaloo will have the most CMC airtime in season 3... Hasbro make it so... |more results after the break|

Comic Post #22: Nightmare Noon / The Fangirls / Minka Pie / MLP: Didn't Miss Anything / PONIES!!! - 16

Raincloud is best pony.
God of Thunderp by ~The-Skullivan

...but Derpy's pretty cool too. I still shed a tear every time I see our cumulous hero (referencing Friendship is Witchcraft by the way). In other news, comics are in. I just woke up to five, yes five, comical images, one being a multi-parter! Check 'em out below.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #20

Source 1

Upon request from a good number of viewers, I have lowered the number of pictures in the A-W S's. From now on there will be no more than 40 pictures in one post. To prevent myself from overexciting the limit, I shall post a second Artsy in a later time of the day. Is there a preferred time for the second one? Is 40 still too much? Tell me below in the comments. But first, let's look at some art, shall we?

Music : WoodenToaster - RainbowFactory (Blaze Remix) REMASTERED VIP / Pinkie's Brew (Giggly Maria Cover) / Halloween In Canterlot

Got some more music for yeah. We got a remix, vocal, and instrumental, in that order. Go and watch em' after the break!

1.) WoodenToaster - RainbowFactory (Blaze Remix) REMASTERED VIP
2.) Pinkie's Brew (Giggly Maria Cover)
3.) Halloween In Canterlot

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #19

Source 1
Hey Twi... Could you come here for a second? Do you think I should put this in the Artsy-Wartsy Stuff?
Alrighty then. In it goes.
There we go. It's all finished.

YTPMV: Poniryoshka/ Touch Filly, Get Silly 2012

One, two, three, four!

A message I've thought much too much about,
Maybe it'll reach somebody, who can say?
Certainly, I've always been this way,
A patched up, crazy matryoshka!

First off, we have an animated parody of an extremely catchy Vocaloid song and a track from good ol' Yoshi's Island with a very peculiar name...

See both after the break.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nightly Megathread #28

MLP: FiM - Mortal Pony Kombat by ~SonictheHedgehogPL (modified)

Time for Round one of epic pony fights of the Nightly Megathread. Who will win? Scroll through the content below to find out! (The result will totally not be biased)  Get to clicking!