Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Miniature Discussion post #11

CMC balloon-watchers yay! ...huh: this reminds me of that one EEnE episode with the balloon...

Today we're briefly going to discuss blog matters again, so put your thinking caps on and let's see what we can get!

Starting up a good blog has its challenges. Two in particular have stood out recently;

  1. The basic functions of running a blog are straightforward: making posts is a breeze with blogger's editing tool. And collecting some of the news is feasible, if you can make an account on Youtube or DeviantArt, Tumblr or Twitter, and monitor those, along with a few other sites. But oftentimes news in the brony community comes from strange/obscure sources that you might miss. 
  2. Running a blog with a good distribution of posts throughout the day can be tough when nearly every member of the blog is a student. I talked to Sethisto once and he said he'd actually put classes on hold, most likely to keep up with running the blog. I'm not sure any of us would be willing to take such a drastic step.

How do we face those challenges? We don't have a strong base of submitters fueling our site with content from unexpected sources like EqD yet (such a thing you can only amass by being a good blog, but you really can't be all that good without it) And we just don't have people available during the day to report on breaking news. Perhaps we need more blog moderators: moderators devoted to searching for new content and finding new brony websites, and moderators who have time available during the day. But having more moderators, some fear (myself not included), will make the blog all the more disorganized behind the scenes. So how should we expand our community of moderators? How would you try to ensure a stable, organized system amongst large groups of blog moderators? (would github work for that?) How would you try and set up incentives to encourage commenters and passers-by to submit news and content? And more importantly where the heck are we going to find bronies available during school hours to help run the blog?! Perhaps we should have a policy of not posting during school hours unless it's really important?
What do you think?

We look foward to your ideas in the comments.