Friday, November 2, 2012

Brony Made #1

by ~xXluv-bug004Xx

Pony stuff... yeah. |you know the drill, after the break|

Nightly Megathread #34

Shhhh this is not the place for discussing the secrets I have within this NM. Please come inside child and I shall grant you everlasting knowledge.

Comic Post #29: Snow Fight Time! / Making Wine

Oh Rarity... by *AleximusPrime

I'd be pulling out my hair as well, but then I'd be bald, and I don't want that. I have a feeling Rarity is going to move up on my favorite pony list for season, I just got that tingle in my tiny little tummy brain. What was I talking about again? Have some comics while I try and remember...

Comic post #28

Wanted For Breaking The Speed Limit by ~DatBrass
Comics... that's all I got... |break go past it|

Not a Miniature Discussion post #1

(from MLFW)

It was suggested that I only do miniature discussion posts every other day, So to fill in some of these off-schedule days I will be randomly adding... whatever this type of post is...

So here's the plan:

  1. look through MyLittleFaceWhen, choose a picture at random, and post it. (use <img src=""> with the URL of the image between the quotation marks. you get the URL of an image by right-clicking on it and selecting "open image in new tab")
  2. All subsequent responses to that post must be in the form of reaction faces, again from MLFW.
  3. let's play a game *jigsaw voice*
In the next such post, all comments shall be written in iambic pentameter, or just rhyme if that's too hard.

More Anime-Inspired Madness

Looks like we got another anime video, so fans of western and eastern animation alike, come together under the contemplative stare of Octavia.  Running at eleven seconds, it's a quick and easy animation for those of you living a busy life.  So no matter what the occasion, there's no real excuse not to click that play button and let the culture wash over you.

PMV: Little Phoenix / Zero Gravity / BE Prepared for Season 3

Fitting song for Philomena, chaotic love songs in Discord land, and some season 3 witha version of "Be Prepared" to get you all prepared for the new season!
I hope our bodies are ready. (Mine wasn't.)

1.) PMV - Little Phoenix
2.) Zero Gravity PMV
3.){Spoilers BLARG!} [PMV] BE Prepared for Season 3 MLP FiM HD {Spoilers BLARG!}

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #29

Oh why hasn't Splinter Cell got a Pinkie DLC already? Talk about grand opportunity wasted.
But enough loathing over terrible tragedies... it's time for... ZE ARTZ!

Mega Music Post #15

Yeah, you're gonna be seeing a lot of Luna.
Alright, then.  Are you ready for another Mega-Music post?  Of course you are.  For full effect, put on some headphones, crank up the volume to max, and play all these songs at once.  If you meet those requirements, you may hear my hidden message.

1.) Mental Trance-Panic
2.) UnderKeel-Quietly Dethroned
3.) Dashie Mine ~ by Feather
4.) Millennia [Original Composition by NomNom]
5.) A Sleeping Kingdom - Tootiseroll2
6.) Giggle at the Ghosties (End of Our Days Mix)

Megatron's Favorite Song

This blog will now switch its focus from ponies to Transformers starting today. Sorry if this upsets anyone.