Monday, May 6, 2013

Music (5/6/13)

Do you want fries with that?
Well, Pinkie ate them. She left the music, though.

3SPIRIT Coronation Progressive Trance
AwkwardMarina The Olden pony (Metapony Remix) Vocal Synthpop
Carbon Maestro & MEMJ Celestia's Ballad Vocal Orchestral
Claire Anne Carr Becoming Popular Rock! Instrumental Rock
Glaze Rainbow Factory Chiptune Cover by The8bitbrony Chiptune
LoreRD Lunar Eclipse (ft. MEMJ) Vocal Darkwave
Nicolas Dominique Cute Guardian of Hell Progressive Trance
Quix Chimera Instrumental
SkyBolt Lament for Queen Chrysalis (Lullaby for a Princess rewritten) Vocal
sonofbelz Epos of the Night Orchestral Suite
Zykrath Inferior Orchestral

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #244 + Comics

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Usually I don't like OCs all that much. Unless they come with epic artwork.
Or are nice to look at in another way. SGaP's OC is nice.

[Opening] One Piece (Pony Edition)

Yep. Ponyfied opening of One Piece.
I admit, I never really watched that anime.