Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nightly Megathread #50

G'night, everyone.  How are you doing?  Thanks to the wonders of automatic scheduling, I'll be sleeping soundly right now, thank you.  Assuming you're not sleeping at the moment, why not cool off with a little thing we like to call the Nightly Megathread?  Come on, it won't bite.

Everfree Network Review: Too Many Pinkie Pies

Too Many Pinkamenas by *DeathPwny

Wait, what? Too many Pinkamenas? Eh, we could use more of insane Pinkie Pie. While were waiting for her to make a return, Everfree Network has their near hour long review of "Too Many Pinkies" up. Find it after da bears break.

100000 Viewers Extravaganza

Alright, then guys.  We've reached a grand total of 100,000 views.  Just... wow.  Thank you to what's either hundreds of visitors, or several who refreshed their browsers hundreds of times.    Head on past the break, and make sure you don't forget your party hats.

Music: As Happy As You (Original Song)/ Best Pony Song: Rarity/ Crystal Ponies/ Crystal Fair (Aviators Remix)

Thought you might care what goes on
Try to say what up? I'm fed up
Everybody said to shut up
The last time I told them what up?

A song for Pinkie, a song for Rarity, a song for the Crystal Ponies, and a Crystal Fair remix... Yep yep yep! Check them out after the break...

1. As Happy As You (Original Song) {Pinkie Pie}
2. Best Pony Song: Rarity
3. {MLP:FiM} Evening Star - Crystal Ponies
4. Daniel Ingram - Crystal Fair (Aviators Remix)

Original MLP Comic Pages Up for Sale!

Andy Price has four, count 'em, four original pages from the official MLP comic! If you're interested (and probably have lots of money), go check out his DA journal here for all the information, or find it below.

Poll Results:The Crystal Empire Rating

Over a 2/3 majority says it is a good episode overall. Then there is the one percent who thought it was a bad episode, tar and feathering share your opinion in the comments. |break, why wont you let me pass... "pull" oh *facehoof*|

CutieMarkCon Press Release

Cutie Mark Crusaders by =Kinetic-2

CutieMarkCon, an Ohio pony convention is fast approaching! Step right up and get your tickets (but never your cutie marks because CMC are best chronic failure story) via the information below!

Too Many Pinkie Pies Review

Dear God.
Having finally dispersed the vengeful cumulonimbus of darkness, it looks like the mane 6 are finally back to having fun.  What better way to illustrate that than cloning Pinkie Pie dozens of times over?  This episode was certainly a hectic one, so let’s waste no time jumping right in.  Just click the break, if you’d be so kind.

Comic Post #51: How to Fly a Kite / PONIES!!! - 19 / The Mistake / Kindergarten Days 19 / You Must be... Jousting!.....Sorry..... / Without Words

Happy Derpy by *muffinexplosion

Does entry #51 mean it's season two of comics? Time sure has flown by fast. Actually, scratch that... waiting for season three made time go slower than it's ever gone. Anyway, Derpy is an appropriate header for season two, wouldn't you say? Considering how much I screw stuff up. Round two of comics after the break!

Artsy Wartsy Stuff #52

Fun indeed, Pinkie... Fun indeed...

MEGA Music Madness... Man...

Looked everywhere
for my identity
Hooked everywhere
did I belong to an entity?
I don't know where have I gone wrong?

Looks like ol' FPLOON has 9 songs for you to check out. On a personal observational note,  it looks like #1 is being submitted into the next MLR, #4 reminds me of a combination of the musician Squarepusher and another musician that you probably do not know about anyway, and #8 is (in fact) a parody of that one Christmas song (if the title isn't that obvious at first glance).

But, enough talk... The music is just around the riverbend...

Flash: Too Many Oranges

We got another flash animation from based of Too Many Pinkie Pies.
See it here!

Now tell me that I wasn't the only that something like this would happen.

Artsy-Wartsy Post #51

I'm still hyped about that ep even if I already watched it, I guess that's the power of Pinkie.
Uh oh speaking of Pinkie powers I suggest you retreat into the art post before the Pinkie overwhelms you. Don't mind me though I'll stay behind. YAAAAAA! *charges into Pinkie armada*

Music: Fierce enemy (boss battle)/ Crystal Heart/ Cloudsdale Skies (UnderKeel Deep Mix)/ Fun With Everyone

And if time's elimination
Then we got nothin' to lose
Please repeat the message
It's the music that we choose

Good mourning, everypony (who live in the same time frame as this site)! Are you ready for some music? Well, it looks like we have a boss battle theme for this game, some electronic splicing, a remix of this song, and Pinkie...

The break is unlock, so you can continue further...

1. MLP - FIM: The lost kingdom OST: Fierce enemy (boss battle)
2. Doofcake - Crystal Heart
3. 3SPIRIT - Cloudsdale Skies (UnderKeel Deep Mix)
4. Fun With Everyone - the Phony Brony

Animation: Applejack Gets No Breaks

Poor AJ... Always getting the short end of the stick... Need I remind you what happened on  Applejack day on EQD? "Look at Applejack Relaxing in her poo!"

First Pinkie ruined the barn now... Eh... Find out for yourself after the beak.

[Animation] Know Your Mare Ep. 3 (Applejack)

Another "Know Your Mare" has popped up, this time featuring your favorite orange pony, Applejack. It seems like most of the questions have to do with business, but that really shouldn't be a surprise. Watch the hilarity after the break!