Sunday, November 18, 2012

Original MLP Comic Pages Up for Sale!

Andy Price has four, count 'em, four original pages from the official MLP comic! If you're interested (and probably have lots of money), go check out his DA journal here for all the information, or find it below.


Along with the three sketches that were posted yesterday, 4 pages from the first issue of MLP:FiM issue #1 are now for sale on ebay! These auctions will run for 10 days each, and are open to International buyers as well (something I don't usually do.)

These are the Original art pages, 11x17 3 ply professional grade Bristol board, done in pencil/archival India Ink. There is no marker use, so the paper/ink will not bleed or decay. 
The rest of the pages, and the 6 cover originals will be listed after the release of the first issue on the 28th! 
Good luck gang!