Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nightly Megathread #43


Hey guys! You know that MLP game? The Freemium one that requires you to get Gems for quest items and Rarity? Well, in this thread, we will give out some exploits ant tips to get these gems. Go past the page break for more!

Remix Music: Becoming Popular (Motivfs Remix) / The Crystal Fair (Varia Remix) / Sweetie's Big Race - (Ozzwald's Remix)

Twilight Sparkle - Success and Failure by *mysticalpha

Why has no one remixed THIS song yet? Oh wait, they already did... four months ago. Curse you Hubians. Anyway, remixes abound below, including one from Bull Smit, a faithful commenter of DD! Check that one out for sure!

1. Daniel Ingram - Becoming Popular (Motivfs Remix)
2. Daniel Ingram - The Crystal Fair (Varia Remix)
3. Sweetie's Big Race - (Ozzwald's Remix) - Friendship is Witchcraft

Kallisti! – A Massively Multiartist Charity Livestream

Out of all the words in the dictionary, the one bronies know best, it seems, is "CHARITY". So donate what you can, and then donate a little more. |More information below the break|

EQLA (The FPLOONinal Write-Up)

EQLA has come and gone, and my experience there will never be forgotten… and not just because of the impromptu Gangnam Styles. There was never a dull moment (obviously) in my opinion, and just like some of SoCal Bronies that were there, I did feel the post-con depression for a couple of days… (Also, I did not suffer from "con crud"!) And, now that I can focus at the task at hand, I give you the write-up version of my experience at EQLA. For those of you who would rather watch me talk about it in video from, the links are right here:

Day 1 (Focused):    Part 1    Part 2
Day 2 (Focused):    Part 3    Part 4

Otherwise, the page break is unlocked, so click away…

Mike's Mammoth Music Post

This is just too awesome!

Yeah, I'll gravitate towards you
Or you'll miss me when I'm gone
Cause things are getting creepy in this sleepy state of Oregon
And I'm gonna set things straight again

Well it has come to this... I've been left in charge of a music post... I haven't the slightest ear for music, so I think I'll just post everything and hope for the best. srsly - whose idea was this?! Well then... prepare your ear holes: you've heard of walls of text? Well I bet you're never seen a wall of sound!

SFM: Human Facts with Lyra and Twilight (Ft. Rina Chan)

Have you ever had a time where you just wanted to play in peace and you had to get up and do something? Gaming would be much easier if we had magic. We'd be able to do so many things without getting out of our seats. (first world problems)

Source Filmmaker goodness is after the break.

Comic Post #41: Smile Stretching / PONIES!!! - 18 / Test / We Are the Ones You Love / A Helping Hand

Knight Fluttershy by *Raikoh-illust

Why did Dashie have to be such a dick to her? Now she's gonna be terrified of putting the armor on ever again, which she looked awesome in! I thought she was going to let her win at least once... nope! Oh well, back to comics!

WoodenToaster + TheLivingTombstone ft. Rina Chan - Lost On The Moon (Sonic Breakbeat Remix)

I'm trying to decide if her cutie mark has gone "Turbo".
Luna Silhouette Wall - Black by ~SpaceKitty

We got Woodentoaster and TheLivingTombstone AND Rina Chan! Oh you don't even have to second guess it, rage against the pagebreak, and listen to that song for your victory!

Comic post #40: Lyra Learns Dark Magic/Chrysalis vs Brainsucker/Enthusiasm Gap/Luna's Problem

First time I tried making this post, I made captions with links to deviantArt and somehow everything was nested recursively. Captions scare me now... (Trigger prettied it up) Anyways hooray! Moonstuck may be over, But Egophilliac is still making awesome stuff! 

Artsy-Wartsy #44

Bon Bon: Ugh... 
Somewhere in Equestria, ponies watching Gak Commercials the Season 3 premier of My Little Brony... Making Gak spam new art, Gak remixes new music, and new Gak animations pony animations... Much like us...
The first season 3 artsy is here! Check after the break!

PMV: PMV - Mad Russian's Christmas/PMV- Tomorrow/PMV - Kampfenponies (in die Sonne)/Equestria 9/[PMV] My Little Pony: my little dance party/Chrysalis - My Own Perfection

Sombra: Best character development ever. Lolnope; couldn't say that with a straight face.
  1. PMV - Mad Russian's Christmas
  2. PMV- Tomorrow
  3. PMV - Kampfenponies (in die Sonne)
  4. Equestria 9
  5. [PMV] My Little Pony: my little dance party
  6. Chrysalis - My Own Perfection

The Ballad of the Crystal FU*KING Empire

Image by Macflash2

And then Yaplap screamed sang his head off to this song after the premier.
It's after the break, just in case people haven't seen the episode yet (Even if Yaplap is more then enough reason to screw spoilers).