Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nightly Megathread #40

I still have this face even after attending EQLA...
Hey! Did you hear? I'M BACK!! *crickets chirping* Thank you, Max... Well, what are you waiting for? There's Nightly Megathread a foot!!!

I'm gonna break it!!!

Pony Dance Party and EQI Season 2 Finale

by =muzzafuzz

Everypony get down! PONY DANCE PARTY @ EQLA, and season 2 finale of EQI PONYCISION 2012 |after the break|... kick it Pinkie!

Super Smash Ponies update

by ~AniRichie-Art

A Super Smash Ponies update telling of online multiplayer, only limitation, its windows only for online multi-player  local multiplayer is for any operating system though, so go pwn your friends while introducing them to ponies... you can find the entry here

Poll Results: Who do you think would look best with a beard?

And Rarity takes it with just over ⅓ of the votes... Wow, I thought The Doctor and Canterlot Guard would duke it out until the end... |more after the... aw you know the drill just head down there|

Mega Music Post #17

Beep boppin' and the beat droppin' and the zip zop zoopity bop! It's all there! I think you'll like that 4th one by the way...

1.) Roshi-San - I Wanna Be a Producer! Cover
2.) Are We There Yet (Parody Rap)
3.) Tibbles - Cloudy Skies (Orchestral/Instrumental)
4.) Applejack is a silly pony.
5.) New Acoustic MLP Winter Song [Teaser/Demo]
6.) Sim Gretina - Dear Luna (174UDSI Remix)
7.) Memories of The Sisters

Comic Post #36: My Little Websurfers Updates / Flying a Kite

My Little Websurfers, the fantastic MLP comic series has updated once again and it's awesome! All three parts can be found below, and after the break another comic for desert.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Story: Luna visits the Dentist

"How was this not done sooner!?" -Swatteam

Luna visits the Dentist by Nitrox

Description: During Luna's banishment to the moon, there have been a great many advances in medical practices and technology, one of which being the field of dentistry. Being the devoted and loving sister that she is, Celestia has taken it upon herself to make her sister an appointment with one of the most skilled dentists around, Doctor Colgate! How will Luna's first cleaning go? Will she have any cavities? Gingivitis?
Or, Celestia grant us strength, will she need braces? Will Honor Bound and Razor Edge be able to keep their princesses in check? Will Equestria ever be the same again?

Type: Random, slice of life, comedy

Minecraft Poll

by ~WhitePony080

Mojang is conducting a survey with the question "Suggest a new mob for Minecraft" Do I hear Ponies? link

MLP comic surpasses 100,000 orders

Yep you heard it right, 100,000 orders! I think we've proven before we're willing to throw are money at ponies, but this just... well it's just amazing. But your probably saying "Over 9000!!?!?!?" or "But does this mean they're out of comic bookz!?" Well my friends have no fear, for they thought outside the box (or inside the chimney) and have a second print... I'm not a newspaper/comic maker but that's a good thing.
Here have an article on it from Bleeding Cool.

Comic post #35: Spike got that thing / In Development / A Night to Remember / Black and Whit and Dash all over

We got more comics coming at you, and some of them may be..."suggestive" Go and read em' after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Post #40

You wanna know how much sense this makes? It makes a lot of sense... but at the same time it doesn't. I don't know, it's Discord dressed as Dimentio, don't ask questions just accept it. (I'm still wondering which of Twi's friends will be turned into this...)

Taralicious site launched: Help kids with cancer.

Tara Strong has launched, a store offering her headshots, custom phone recordings, Twilightlicious merch, and other things, all of which are autographed.  A portion of each sale goes to benefit causes like Kiki’s Cancer FundMary Duque Juniors who support the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, The Amazing Gray Fund, and Hartman House

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #39


New Premiere Clip Via Entertainment Weekly

Wow, another clip of the premiere has been revealed on Entertainment weekly. Go here to see the spoilerific clip, or after the break. Seriously, how much of the premiere has been revealed!?

Season 3 Countdown: 48 hours remain

Anyway, just a reminder: the marathon stream will happen tomorrow at 11:30 here.

New Hub game: Twilight Sparkle's Magical Mysteries

A new game has appeared on the Hub website. The game features Twilight Sparkle and makes you form words with the tiles on the screen. There are "cursed" tiles that will cause a game over if they get to the bottom of the screen. Go ahead and play it here if you are awake enough to do it.

Flash/opening: Luna (Daria opening) / MLP EQUUS (DALLAS revisioning)

Why don't you open up your day to opening parodies of Daria and Dallas. I also haven't had my coffee yet.
While I go have some, go after the break to watch these openings.