Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nightly Megathread #59

These are dark times we live in.  All communication has been cut off with Canterlot, save a few disjointed messages about some sort of bizarre changeling conspiracy.  Without any way into the city, we're helpless to do anything except idly twiddle our thumbs.  But if you've lost sleep over the questionable stability of our homeland, since you're here, why not try a Nightly Megathread?  While I can't promise you that it won't feed off your love, I can guarantee that it won't waste time gloating about it, unlike a certain monarch.  So just click on past the break, and wish your troubles away.

Music: Fallen/Queen of the Changelings/The Evil and Powerful Trixie Boss Theme

I have a lot of music for all you villain lovers; a vocal for King Sombra, D&B for Queen Chrysalis, and a videogame mashup for The Great and Powerful Trixie. Listen to evil in the form of music after the break.
  1. Lectro Dub - Fallen
  2. Flutter Rex - Queen of the Changelings
  3. The Evil and Powerful Trixie Boss Theme - Delta Brony


Um....yeah...THis is really weird. But I did learn something from it!! I learned how to say "ensemble". Watch the weirdness after the break.

Neat News Notifications

Some quick little tidbits for you guys this fine evening!
  1. Kotaku has made a review of the first issue of the official MLP:FiM comic here. Sounds like it's going to be awesome!
  2. Remember that recent USA Today article? Well a physical copy has been found and posted on Reddit! That article made it all the way to print! Cool stuff! (image on imgur, linked on Reddit)

Artsy #65

Babs is best Jesse! I don't get why Trixie would be Walter though... Hmm...

Art after the break! Not ridiculously long this time either.

Voice actor for Swedish Spitfire (Anneli Heed) and Mezgrman interviewed!

Swedish Spitfire is best Spitfire

As reported very nicely here by our friends over at DHN, Anneli Heed, Swedish voice actor for Spitfire, and Mezgrman, the guy to simultaneously blame and praise for making Brony Retweet, were recently interviewed by Lunar Transmissions on FOB Equestria. Embed after the break!

Arts-Wartsy Stuff #64


Whatever you say Trixie... Twilight is ready for anything you could throw at her. Including those cliche quotes.

PMV : Communist Pony Conquest / Pain

Have some PMVs. Both are very well made. One is another communist pony PMV, the other a ponification of a Ayreon song. Watch em' after the break!

Comics : There's Always Time for Jokes / Oranges and Marshmallows / Hug time! / Fashion Taste

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got puns, marshmallows, hugs, and eating disorders.
Read em' after the break!

Animation : One Dark Apple

MrPoniator has done it again. Go and watch his latest creation after the break. Also, what is with dem big noses!?

Apple Family Reunion Synopsis revealed

It looks like zap2it has updated the synopsis for the Applejack episode. Go on past the break for the spoilers.