Friday, April 19, 2013

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #227 + Comic

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As you may have noticed, I wasn't at home today. Believe it or not, but even I do have friends.
Proper timely post tomorrow, promised.
For now... a slowpoke repost, I guess. Also still have to do Yuk's survey...

Bronies: The Unreleased Tapes

I know the blog's inactive but I couldn't resist putting this up quickly. Remember when the R.O.I. for the Bronycon Documentary wasn't as high as expected and they didn't have the funds to process some of their footage?

Well they still have the rest of those recordings just sitting around, waiting to be seen, so they've started up another, smaller-scale campaign on Indiegogo to get all the rest set up for viewing, any profits of which will go towards getting the documentary into more film festivals where it can be seen in a formal setting even more. I wish them luck, though with the amount they're aiming for I don't think they'll need it...