Monday, February 18, 2013

Nightly Megathread #141

It's not safe to continue through this [drought] alone...

Take this...

Off of Hiatus, smack RD

Rainbow Smack by ~RenaissanceBrony

Hey I'm back from hiatus, smack rainbow dash!

Comics: Lyra is Disappoint / Harvest / MLP: CMC Confessional 2 / All Grown Up

Nighttime comics. These have been coming in like crazy the past few days. Get the latest batch while they're still hot down below.

Filly Gamez Shutting Down

Filly Gamez, the people behind Welcome To Ponyville, are shutting down for a while. They have an official announcement here. Hopefully it isn't permanent, but we'll just have to see.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #172

Eeyup, that's what I thought as well.
Celestia is now the architect.

PMVs: A Whole Bunch

Is it a good idea to trust them with food service? Oh well. A ton of PMVs for you today. People seem to really have been inspired by the finale. Hopefully you'll find something that appeals to you.

M1netter Save the world
TwilightHolmes91 Never Gonna Be Alone
ItsAshleyRawr Rainbow Dash: // Suddenly
Stellafera Discord: Want You Gone
Jaref Bridge Across Forever
EpicLuxray Made In Heaven
Racecarghost Blue Bird
TheAmazingBronies Right Where It Belongs
SoldierHootOwl2 Lost In The Echoes
pmfiv Nobody Does It Better
TwilightHolmes91 Rebirthing
GN0MEz Screaming Bloody Murder

Comics: Everything is fine/ Worse Off/ Change/ My Life as a Princess/ Accidentally page 7

Why not?
Go read some comics while I search for more Fluttershys to add to my shrine work hard for the blog.

Music. Just Music.

Pick what you like. There's enough for everyone, unless you're looking for Doom Metal, Rhythmic Noise or other genres we will never see here for a reason.
3SPIRIT Sun Goddess House
Le Soldat Pony Firedancer Vocal Trip Hop
MsIkarishipper feat. PhonyBrony I've Got To Find A Way (Cover & Remix) Techno
Neighsayer I'm Proud of You Synth
Nicolas Dominique I've Got to Find the Way (Alicorn Remix) Trance
PonyFireStone I've Got To Find A Way (PonyFireStone's Remix) Trance
ponyphonic The Moon Rises (Cover by bronyforchrist) Vocal
Zephysonas Babs Seed (Saxophone cover) Acoustic
Zephysonas Somber's Home (Tremil Remix) Vocal Synthpop
Zykrath Earth-Shattering Duel Orchestral