Monday, February 18, 2013

Music. Just Music.

Pick what you like. There's enough for everyone, unless you're looking for Doom Metal, Rhythmic Noise or other genres we will never see here for a reason.
3SPIRIT Sun Goddess House
Le Soldat Pony Firedancer Vocal Trip Hop
MsIkarishipper feat. PhonyBrony I've Got To Find A Way (Cover & Remix) Techno
Neighsayer I'm Proud of You Synth
Nicolas Dominique I've Got to Find the Way (Alicorn Remix) Trance
PonyFireStone I've Got To Find A Way (PonyFireStone's Remix) Trance
ponyphonic The Moon Rises (Cover by bronyforchrist) Vocal
Zephysonas Babs Seed (Saxophone cover) Acoustic
Zephysonas Somber's Home (Tremil Remix) Vocal Synthpop
Zykrath Earth-Shattering Duel Orchestral