Monday, February 18, 2013

Comics: Everything is fine/ Worse Off/ Change/ My Life as a Princess/ Accidentally page 7

Why not?
Go read some comics while I search for more Fluttershys to add to my shrine work hard for the blog.

Everything is fine by ~GatesMcCloud

Eeyup. Totally normal day around Ponyville.
Worse Off by =Dreatos

Over a thousand years old, wise, mighty and venerable...
Nah, that'd be boring.
Change by *DarkFlame75

All aboard the feels train.
My Life as a Princess by =Niban-Destikim

Celestia with a manface looks good...
Trollestia and her disciple Trolluna again.
Accidentally page 7 by ~Az-Pekt

Did we have this series before?
Anyway, part 7 here showed up in my inbox and it looks pretty good, so...

Discord is in Chaos Academy, Lauren Faust is his mom and the principal is a bunny.
Because chaos.

Page 0 here: Accidentally page 0