Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nightly Megathread #4


Okay... I have no idea what Rainbow Dash is more surprised of... EQD reaching over 250 million pageviews... or the amount of pageviews this site will get by the next Nightly Megathread...

Anyway, page break, YOU SHALL LET US PASS!!!

PMV: Love Vinyl.exe Trailer

Ah... It's about time I posted something about Equestria's greatest DJ! (There is WAY too much Pinkie here, in my opinion.) But I can't help but to think something VERY important is missing in this video... I can't put my finger on it... Huh.

As the title implies, it is only a trailer. Stay tuned if you are interested in the final animation.

Music: Gravey - Journey to the Moon [wip] / Gravey - Destiny (Original Mix) / Nightmare Lyre - Into The Cold / Gravey - Radicalness / "Into the Wild Blue Yonder"

#1 Gravey - Journey to the Moon [wip]
#2 Gravey - Destiny (Original Mix)
#3 Nightmare Lyre - Into The Cold
#4 Gravey - Radicalness
#5 "Into the Wild Blue Yonder" Brony Song for JetBlue
Here comes a sneaky, ninja, warrior, assassin, killer, Scootaloo, Dashin', post full of music that's bein' sneaky. Ok fine the music is hiding behind the page break in case anyone can't see the sneaky songs. But remember YOU are the one who should've looked harder so don't blame me.

Music: So Alone / Barn Party / Invasion / Rainbow Factory (Rock Cover)

The Mane six are getting ready for Halloween. ARE YOU?! As always, go listen to some music after the break.

1.) Alone-Codeum
2.) Seventh Element-Barn Party
4.)GatoPaint-Rainbow Factory (Rock Cover)


In order to get the word about our site out there, I think that we should have a commercial (as SweetieBot suggested)

[More after the break]
what do you have in mind?
do you have webcams?
make a script in the comments (we'll revise later)
anything else.

Music: Breaking Bonds (Acoustic, Clean)

Looks like Matthew Moiser has created a clean version of 'Breaking Bonds. As someone who liked the song but not cursing, I can finally download the song and listen to it again. [Acoustic and Original versions after the break]

Ponymon Dusk/Dawn:Update

Ponymon is a hack for Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen.It puts you in control of your favorite characters from My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Ponymon has been in the works for a while. The first two released Alpha versions of Ponymon only allowed a player to play through the game for a short while.
But now that the creators of Ponymon have released Alpha 0.3 and 0.32, the game can now be played further, an additional gym has been added, more ponies and attacks were added, some visual enhancements were added, and bugs were fixed. Information about downloading the game and an emulator to play the game can be found here on their wiki page.

Vocal Music: DOODLE/ Giggle At The Ghostie Cover(Russian...yes, AGAIN! xD)/ Who I Am Today

You're a mystery to me
You're a mystery to us all
You're a mystery to ME
You're a mystery to us all~

We got some a special song for Doodle, a Russian cover of Giggle At The Ghostie, and wrap it up with an Aviators mash-up. Check them out after the break.


#1 [PMV] Bleed It Out
#2 [PMV] My Little Pony: I've got a jar of dirt-Pirates of the Caribbean
#3 [PMV] Equestria, Buck Yeah! (Explicit)

PMV's to look at while I attack DFS!

PMV's! Take 'em! take 'em all!
I approve of #3 BTW remember everyone EQUESTRIA, BUCK YEAH! Now I must go back to my normal comment fights! *puts viking helmet on and runs out*

Music: Fallout Equestria: Don't Lose Faith / Fallout Equestria: Serene / Paper Sky / Twilight Sparkle's Mind Palace

Spike, stop taking your role too seriously.

Fallout Equestria among other things, I still haven't read the fic either, but with 1 trillion words I don't think it's something I'll read in a day.

That last one reminded me of the Grabbed By The Ghoulies soundtrack and that's a good thing. I still can't believe it's such an underrated game.

Vocal Music: Yelling At Cats - What Went Wrong/And The Rainfall - The Romantic Tragedy (feat. Freewave)/ The Windigos - "Buck 'Em"

Obvious Belle to the rescue!

I hear there's a flame war going on in that first one, so go in there and contribute to the flames, your Swat commands it! Or you know you can always just go in there to listen to some good music.

Oh, and there's a soothing song and a short bluesy song after your done burning Youtube.





and to make this more pony related find "Best Pony" songs after the break.

Pssst down here... yeah this black text right here... pay no attention to that blue text down there he just like's to appear from time to time... are you ready for a video?... What!? No!? What do you mean no!?... Fine don't watch it, see if I care!