Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nightly Megathread #190

We have a video for tonight's NM! I thought that since there are now four Alicorns, I should put up a video of what I predict Season 4 shall be like. Check out what it is after the break! (The video is basically it though... so what's the point of typing it?)

Children of the Night almost done

Every shot to add was added and almost *ALMOST* every tweak to do was done..  By tomorrow, I should be able to do the very final FINAL render!

All depending on how long it will take to upload to youtube, the realease date is this week for sure..

So hang on to your manes, we're sooooo close!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #321 + Comics

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News Tidbits #I forget

Not all that much to share, but the Huffington Post apparently recommends This Day Aria to go with the birth of the new royal baby, amongst other things... interesting.
Also, a couple short SFMs that Sweetie Bot found, after the break.

'Discussion': HIE

Just a quick experiment. As you may know,  the "Human In Equestria" concept has spawned Many fanfics and threads on 4chan - people really seem to enjoy thinking through the odd scenario, and it's replete with opportunities for hilarity. And yet, others don't care much for it, or even find it distasteful.

So for this discussion, you may share your opinion on the matter, and/or dream up your own little amusing narrative.