Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nightly Megathread #29

Look at this epic Luna. You know what else is epic? The journey you are about to go on. Don't believe me?
Go past the break to begin your quest.

Comic Post #23: Kindgergarten Days (S) 16 / [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS] / What a Fright! x2

Is it Halloween? - Jack Skellington and Pinkie Pie by ~DiegoTan

Do you like Halloween? Seems like cosplayer heaven to me. Hope everyone dressing up as their favorite equine has big adventure, tons of fun. Meanwhile, I'll be playing Assassin's Creed Tres. And prepping for MLP season three as well. On to the comics!

Miniature Discussion post #9

Twilight sparkle knows magic is at the center of every atom. I mean strong and weak forces? Popicock!

Tonight we are going to learn some etymology!

"The internet is capable of surprising feats of etymology: and the brony community is no exception. The term “brony” was thought up somewhere on /b/, 4chan’s notorious random board, and is a mixture of the terms “/b/”, “bro” and “pony”. The original spelling, lost for a while to internet feuding, was /b/rony. When the /b/ronies were pushed from 4chan, the backslashes were dropped, and the term became just “bronies”, and the stragglers that remained on 4chan (because banning methods are not perfectly effective) took to calling themselves “ponyfags” instead. 4chan also has other terms for bronies, corresponding to other boards on the site. These terms are “/co/lts” on the /co/ board and “nor/mlp/eople” on the newly-created /mlp/ board. These two terms aren’t used very frequently these days… perhaps they weren’t as catchy as “brony.” Because the term “brony” has the stem bro-, it was eventually argued that the term refers to male fans specifically and needed a counterpart to describe females. This is where the term “pegasister” came from, despite counterarguments that the term “brony” should be considered gender neutral, and inclusive of both male and female fans. “brony” can now be used as either gender neutral or in reference to male fans specifically, though many people still have preferences. “pegasister” has indeed come to refer to female fans of the show specifically. All this etymological evolution took place in just under a year, and by now the terms appear to have stabilized."
So have you seen any brony terminology develop during your time as a brony? This large quote does not take in to account many other terms related to the community, like "brohoof"; how would you analyze those terms etymologically? And furthermore where do you stand concerning the whole argument that spawned the term "pegasister"? Do you consider "Brony" gender-neutral? Do you think a word for female bronies was necessary, even just as a practical matter? Or is "pegasister" just an extra and unnecessary label to you?

Music: Peak Freak - Believe/[MLP FiM] Super Rainbow Dash's Theme/Summer Sun Celebration LONG After Dawn

Fun fact: The antennae of the Indian luna moth detects a single sex pheromone molecule from more than six miles away due to extremely sensitive olfactory receptors. - courtesy of AskNature and the Biomimicry Institute.

I wanted to collaborate with the Biomimicry Institute once... I don't know what happened to my motivation toward that end. One thing's for sure: they've come a long way in five years. I wonder how Janine Benyus is doing... Music after the break!

1:Peak Freak - Believe
2:[MLP FiM] Super Rainbow Dash's Theme
3:Seventh Element / Chain Algorithm - Summer Sun Celebration LONG After Dawn

Poll Results

Well the pool says Scootaloo will have the most CMC airtime in season 3... Hasbro make it so... |more results after the break|

Comic Post #22: Nightmare Noon / The Fangirls / Minka Pie / MLP: Didn't Miss Anything / PONIES!!! - 16

Raincloud is best pony.
God of Thunderp by ~The-Skullivan

...but Derpy's pretty cool too. I still shed a tear every time I see our cumulous hero (referencing Friendship is Witchcraft by the way). In other news, comics are in. I just woke up to five, yes five, comical images, one being a multi-parter! Check 'em out below.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #20

Source 1

Upon request from a good number of viewers, I have lowered the number of pictures in the A-W S's. From now on there will be no more than 40 pictures in one post. To prevent myself from overexciting the limit, I shall post a second Artsy in a later time of the day. Is there a preferred time for the second one? Is 40 still too much? Tell me below in the comments. But first, let's look at some art, shall we?

Music : WoodenToaster - RainbowFactory (Blaze Remix) REMASTERED VIP / Pinkie's Brew (Giggly Maria Cover) / Halloween In Canterlot

Got some more music for yeah. We got a remix, vocal, and instrumental, in that order. Go and watch em' after the break!

1.) WoodenToaster - RainbowFactory (Blaze Remix) REMASTERED VIP
2.) Pinkie's Brew (Giggly Maria Cover)
3.) Halloween In Canterlot

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #19

Source 1
Hey Twi... Could you come here for a second? Do you think I should put this in the Artsy-Wartsy Stuff?
Alrighty then. In it goes.
There we go. It's all finished.

YTPMV: Poniryoshka/ Touch Filly, Get Silly 2012

One, two, three, four!

A message I've thought much too much about,
Maybe it'll reach somebody, who can say?
Certainly, I've always been this way,
A patched up, crazy matryoshka!

First off, we have an animated parody of an extremely catchy Vocaloid song and a track from good ol' Yoshi's Island with a very peculiar name...

See both after the break.