Sunday, October 28, 2012

Comic Post #23: Kindgergarten Days (S) 16 / [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS] / What a Fright! x2

Is it Halloween? - Jack Skellington and Pinkie Pie by ~DiegoTan

Do you like Halloween? Seems like cosplayer heaven to me. Hope everyone dressing up as their favorite equine has big adventure, tons of fun. Meanwhile, I'll be playing Assassin's Creed Tres. And prepping for MLP season three as well. On to the comics!

1. Kindergarten days (S) 16 by ~CIRILIKO

...the neck snap would've been optimal, but hugs work too.

inb4 Swat draws himself into this. I gotta admit though, I wish I were this guy.
 [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS] by ~BestSeller-Microtech

I think the title is a 'lil too spoilery. Sorry artist if you didn't appreciate that. Prepare to have your heart wrenched...

Though, a little strange he didn't include any of the man6. Pony shrug initiate.
3. ~What a Fright!~ by ~Zztfox

That pumpkin looks really freakin' sad...
4. What A Fright by *ChaoticBrony

No, that was not a typo. They really are both named "What a Fright".