Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nightly Megathread # 74

Got a real treat for you in the nightly tonight (and I'm not just talking about the cookies) |Head on down for a theory you would never expect|

Comics: A Derpy Date Part 5/ Scootaloo's Loaner Vehicle/ Lucid Dreamer

Have some comics before the Nightly after the breaker, 220! The Derpy date continues, Scoots gets new wheels, and DREAMS!

Mixed media : pinkie_pie_is_so_random / Stay Brony My Friends 33 / Sponge.mp4 / Nr. 25 Commercial

We got a few interesting pieces of media tonight. We've got DustyKatt with the conclusion to the Movember Mustache Stache-Off event! Featuring your judges; Lee Tockar, Peter New, Trevor Devall and John de Lancie! We also got a Pinkie Pie SFM I don't quite understand, Scoot facing her fears, and a commercial. Watch em' all after the break! 

"The Cough"

This is something we usually don't post, but it is for a good reason. This is a fic reading, but not just reading from the same monotone person. This reading includes voice actors that sound so close to  the real thing, it's scary. Now before you go on ahead and listen to it, the fic is labeled Dark and Romance. But even if you aren't into fics or these kind of fics, I encourage you to give this a listen. It isn't every day you get to see this quality for fic reading. Oh, and the video is actually animated, so it isn't just cover art. Go and watch it after the break!.

Michelle Creber Interviewed by 33 Av.

Michelle Creber, AKA Appleboom" was recently interviewed by 33 avenue Miquelon, a fashion blog with Rarity as it's unofficial mascot! It's a good read and not too long, so make sure to check it out! Additional info/analysis can be found on DHN.

PMV: Supernatural / Some nights / "When Can I See You Again"

Alright alright, we've got some ponies in that sleepy state of Oregon ("YEAUH!"),a PMV of Some Nights, and one of dem Owl City PMV's.

1.) [PMV] - Supernatural
2.) Some nights
3.) "When Can I See You Again" Owl City PMV

Music: The Changeling / Carol Of The Bells / The Beauty of the Swarm / The Walls Are Moving

We've got some changeling music with some pretty cool animation, an Aviation (Get it? Hurr!) of Carol Of The Bells, some chill trance for changelings, and some epic orchestra music!

1.) The Changeling (Twitch Remix)
2.) Aviators - Carol Of The Bells (Feat. Bronyfied)
3.) Nicolas Dominique - The Beauty of the Swarm
4.) The Walls Are Moving - Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic

Equestria LA Registration is Now Open

Equestria LA (EQLA) is excited to announce that registration is now open for 2013! Being held at the Anaheim Marriott on May 10th-12th, EQLA plans to bring you the best family-friendly entertainment available in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic community! 

Full weekend memberships for Equestria LA 2013 are available now at a special early-bird rate of $45.00 USD.  Rates will increase to $55.00 after February 1st, so don’t delay!
Pre-registration will close on April 18th.  Memberships may be purchased at the door after this date, at a rate of $70.00 for the full weekend.  Single-day memberships will only be available at the door, at rates of $35.00 for Friday or Sunday and $45.00 for Saturday. Go here for the full report, here to register, or go past the break for some copy pasta.

Artsy Wartsy Stuff #85


It's been a while since I've single handedly made two Artsies in one day. Well... here it is. After the break as usual.

DHX Hiring!

According to the recently released statement from DHX, it looks like the are now hiring. if you’re interested in working for DHX in Vancouver, give the PDF link here gives all the details. Also, does this mean they will be working on a season 4 and beyond? Maybe even a MLP movie? I can dream, can't I? Thank you DHN for the heads up!

We Love Fine 12 Days of Savings

We Love Fine has just added more favorite designs to their 12 Days of Holidays My Little Pony sale! Come and have a look at the latest designs that are on sale today. These great deals on MLP gear are available for 36 hours, until 12 noon tomorrow ONLY, so be sure to swing by! And they'll have another sale group kicking off tonight at midnight so stay tuned!

Artsy Wartsy Stuff #84


We've seen Twi's Pinkie's and Rarity's parents, but what about the rest of the mane 6? For all we know they could have grown up as orphans like a certain orange filly that isn't in the header. More art after the page break.

Convention Donations and Discounts

Deroy Jenkins!? 

Have you been hankering for a convention? Do you need just one more little reason to go?

Well if you're on the west coast you may be in luck! Las Pegasus Unicon will be donating 12% of all ticket sales to College View School, which Amy Keating Rogers' son Soren attends. The donation will help fund the development of multisensory environments in the school.

Also over on the east coast, Bronycon is offering a discount for the holidays. You can find more info here.

Many thanks to our fellow news sites.

Comics : And suddenly Xmas / The Worst Nightmare / Accomponyment / A Derpy Date Part 4 / Kindergarten days 22

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got the best sleigh guiding mare, nightmares beyond reasoning, a perk to living in Equestria, And the next part to Slenderman and Derpy date. Read em' after the break!

Life Size Mirror - No Use for a Name cover by MandoPony

>MandoPony released a new cover song
>It's bucking amazing!
>FPLOON's Insomnia

Yeah... Well, since I wasn't going to sleep anyway due to studying, this song will be playing on repeat for some time now... So go here or after the break to have some midnight music awesomeness!