Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nightly Megathread # 74

Got a real treat for you in the nightly tonight (and I'm not just talking about the cookies) |Head on down for a theory you would never expect|

<Twas the Night>

Twas the night before hearths warming, when all through the site
The commenters were stirring, under Luna's moonlight.
The ponies were arranged by their computers with care,
In hopes that Hasbro would soon be there.

The foals were nestled all snug in the hay,
While tons of blind bags are what they wished for that day.
Trig in his 'kerchief, and Shuup in his cap,
Had blocked out the noise of Swat fapping "*fap* *fap*".

When from the site there arose such a clatter,
Bob sprang jumped from his bed to see what's the matter,
Away to the thread he flew as Rainbow Dash,
Threw open the page-break and entered the bash.

The moon glistened on the pegasi made snow,
Giving the appearance of Celestia's mid-day glow,
To what did Bob's wondering eyes appear,
But Studio-B throwing a party in here.

With raffles for toys that in a moment he'd know,
Were collectible ponies from Hasbro.
More rapid than Pinkie, the prizes they came,
They replied, they gave, they called commenters by screen-name.

"Now Kyo! Now Happy! Now Deputy Derpy!
To Hyper! To Firflare! To Avossk and Bull_Smit!"
That is it! We've had a ball!
Given Prizes to one! Given Prizes to all!

With no new commenters entering the fray,
They packed their gifts and then they away,
Off to DHN they flew,
Studio-B and their ponies too.

And then in a twinkling they returned after a tip,
Making this their base to save them the trip,
Just when Bob nearly left, yet to turn around
They set up the raffles, as new commenters came abound.

Dressed in virtual cosplay, from digital head to foot,
Until they ran out of stuff they would stay put,
Bundles of ponies hung over their backs,
Giving them out by individual packs.

Their comments Seemed bright! Their disposition merry!
When one spoke up "with RGP away he sent me!"
The rest all nodded to agree,
This gift from Radio filling them with glee.

A letter from the Blog host the first held in his hand,
To ask them to come, a prospect so grand,
On this site only, the reaction "woah nelly",
For all who had later heard were totally jelly.

As they away in the night, Bob smiled to himself,
And looked in delight at the new ponies on his shelf,
He lay down to res, but awoke from his bed,
Twas only a dream, no new ponie above his head.

He ran down stairs in the morning to come,
Under the tree were the ponies, every single one
<Tasty Things>



A new villain theory has surfaced, read and discuss your thoughts.

Below you will find evidence and theory as to why Tirek is thought to make a comeback.

<multiple episodes>
First I would just like to say 1000 years anyone? Yeah rather common time when it comes to villans. Perhaps because they were all corrupted by a common source during that time? Think on that a moment, and then continue to the rest of the proof and theory.

<mare in the moon>

Nightmare moon's goal is to shroud the land in eternal night. Where have I heard that before? Tirek perhaps?

Someone mind telling me how many stars aided Nightmare Moon so that she could return, and bring nighttime eternal? 4 was it? Well it just so happens (?) that this is the number of ponies Tirek needed to pull his midnight chariot to "bring in the night that never ends".

<hearts and hooves day>

Which brings me to the love POISON. Its called poison for a reason, theoretically it corrupted both KING Sombra and QUEEN Chrysalis, who both their plots have to do with love (hint hint). "Kingdom falling", I'll give you one hint as to who the rulers were, they have been mentioned in this text. "Chaos reigning" WHO does that sound like? There I go with those common times again. It never said the prince formulated the potion himself, only that he used it.

Its call a love CURSE, I don't know about you but I haven't heard one time where a curse it a good thing (well except Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, but thats not MLP, or TV). And what was in the poison that caused the curse? A rainbow, the tool that Tirek uses is his "rainbow of darkness", used to corrupt ponies and turn them into monsters. In addition corrupting royalty is nothing new to him.

<Influence and sources>

Its no secret that Lauren Faust was a fan of the original My Little Pony, the generation Tirek is from...

Sources: MLP, MLP:FIM, Tirek of PonyPlace (a commenter there who had part of the theory written himself in both a document, and additional information through conversation, doc here)