Monday, December 10, 2012

Nightly Megathread #72

Sweet dreams everyone... And, uh, for those of you who are afraid to sleep aren't sleepy yet here is tonight's Nightly Megathread.


What happens when a pony falls asleep on a scooter, and pays no attention to where they are going? They are perfectly unharmed. What happens when you control them when they are asleep? |Find out after the break|

Mike's Most Random Thread Ever

*looks at title* ...I reserve the right to surprise myself in the future though. Continue after the break.

Comics : Rock Bottom / Surprise Gift / Luna's Guide / A Derpy Date Pt 3

Have some comics. We got Tom and Trixie, a really weird present, bad dreams, and the third chapter of Derpy's date. Read em' after the break!

PMV: TrixSom / Pieces / Of Mares And Monsters

"What's that Scootaloo? Appplejack's getting her face eaten off by a moth?"

A short PMV of a Kid Icarus BGM, some Trixie/Sombra shippy stuff, and a Sum 41 PMV.

1.) Filly Icarus - Of Mares And Monsters
2.) TrixSom - mep part for PonyLoveStudios
3.) PMV - Pieces (1 Year Anniversary!)

Music: Anthropology / 99 Oats / Lullaby For A Princess / Waltz of the Crystal Empire / The Library

Oh no Twi's being turned to stone by Celestia! Someone do something! *unpauses song*
A Guyra version of Anthropology, a remix of 99 Buckets of Oats On The Wall, a cover of Lullaby For A Princess, some Crystal Fair dubstep, and a song for Twilight's tree... don't interpret that differently!

1.) Anthropology MLP:The Musical Guyra Cover (AwkwardMarina) - Coconeru
2.) 99 Oats - MBAlpha
3.) Lullaby For A Princess [[Ponyphonic Cover]]
4.) Navron - Waltz of the Crystal Empire
5.) Radiarc - The Library

My Little Bronies React: Ep #2

Episode 2 of Reactions Are Magic is out, watch in awe as bronies react to The Great & Powerful Trixie, after the break of course.

Studly Stallion Stache-Off Tonight

DustyKatt hosted a mustache growing contest to benefit charities for men’s health as part of no shave November. The results are in and are ready to go tonight on his show, "Stay Brony My Friends". Not just DustyKatt will be there, but some of FiM’s male voice actors will be there to help judge. Peter New (voice of Big Macintosh), Trevor Devall (Fancy Pants, Iron Will), Lee Tockar (Steven Magnet, Snips), and John de Lancie (Discord) will be joining DustyKatt and Screwball on their show on Everfree Network. The broadcast will be at 8 PM easter, 5 PM Pacific at Everfree’s livestream. Go past the break for the offical press release. 

[EPRBoE #3] Iron Will VS Zecora

The third Epic Pony Rap Battle of Equestria has been released, this time featuring Iron Will vs Zecora.
I gotta say, these lyrics are awesome! Who do you think will win? Make your decision after the break!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #82


Thanks for doing yesterday's Artsy for me... Trig. So it wasn't Swat or Mike that did it? How odd... The Great and Robotic Bob will show you how the Great and Robotic Bob does Artsies after the break.


Top Ten Brony Songs for November + Voting for Best Song for 2012

You guys voted, so here you go. The top ten brony songs of 2012. And with the year coming to an end, it is also time to vote for the top 25 brony songs of 2012. Voting ends December 26th. GO past the break to see the top for November and to see the new rules for the best of 2012.

Comics : One more Rock / Rarity in Cotume / Founder Finding Fail / Hierarchy of Responsibility / Hearth's Warming Eve / What a Great entrance / Pet time

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got hard labor, realizations, Rarity being fabulous, alternate universe, some Star Swirl, and two others comics I am not sure how to describe. Ream em' after the break!