Monday, December 10, 2012

Mike's Most Random Thread Ever

*looks at title* ...I reserve the right to surprise myself in the future though. Continue after the break.

Anyways this thread is super simple stuff. Allow Rolf and Ed to Demonstrate:

...The Eds are totally bronies and they don't even know...
I'll start us off then! THAT'S MY HORSE *slaps wrist*

...And for those who wish to have a bit more structured of a discussion. You have magically found yourselves in the good graces of DHX media, and they have given you an offer of any job related to MLP:FiM episodes. What job would you chose? Voice acting? animation? What things would you throw in there for the fans? Would you attend brony conventions? If you could write the story behind an episode, what would you make it? Would it be fanservice or would you be careful not to cater to fans? Anything else that comes to mind?