Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nightly Megathread #149

Late? What are you talking about? No, we didn't forget. Nightlys arrive exactly when they mean to. Leave me alone. A short one tonight, just past the break.

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Title says it all.

Twilight Sparkle by: lapaa Fullscreen
Alicorn Twilight by: AntonyC Fullscreen
Filly Walk Cycle by: tassadoul Fullscreen
Undead Pony Dance by: GolliatTaillog Fullscreen
You are a pirate by: ka0ln Fullscreen
Dumb Running Lyra by: BattyBovine Fullscreen
Kushell - Find A Way (Fandub And Original Video) by: Kushell Fullscreen

The Music Hour (with FPLOON and Sleepy)


Sleepy: So, my deviantArt is broken. Again. Devour some more music while I wait for it to get fixed. Again.

DongleKumquat A Song About Luna Vocal House
JayB Find A Way (JayB's Pegasus Trance Remix) Trance
Princewhateverer and Dreamchan Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu cover Vocal cover
Replacer &I feat. Feather Until The Sun (Likonan Remix) Breakbeat
TripleBlueShell Petal Blast Glitch Jazz
Manard Winter Wrap Up Orchestral Cover Orchestral
Karlek True Kindness (The Lost Sound Remix) House
Musicacorazon Vinyl Wubs Everything Techno

FPLOON: Guess which songs each of us put in this post?

Pony + Unreal Engine = Awesome

If you at least occasionally touch video games, you should know the Unreal Engine. Pretty impressive and powerful thing. The guy who made the video above combined it with a pony.
And it looks very good. It might be just a first tech demo with a pony walking around... For now.
Of course he plans on further developing it.
Look at its current state and imagine where it might lead to. What would you like to see being done with it?

Post your digital dreams in the comments and feel free to discuss.

The Animation Hour (Working Title)

You've probably have seen this animation earlier today, but what if I told you there are two other animations that you might not have seen after the break? Don't believe me, then see for yourself...

Twilight commands you to read [Comics].


Well, we ran a little low on comics recently. At least it felt like that. I guess... Have some new ones.
A lot of Twilight in here.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #180

Small Artsy again. Feels like a sine wave recently.

Just Cracked It...

Ready for some ponified nostalgia? Well, here's a ponifed scene from "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" involving Spike clones...

"WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!" (Aka, click that statement or go after the break to get your nostalgia on...)

The Music Hour (with FPLOON)

Street poetry is my everyday
But yo, I gotta stop when you trot my way
If I was workin at the club you would not pay
Aiyyo, my man Phife Diggy, he got somthin to say

Welcome to another "The Music Hour"... I'm almost done finishing off the program for good, so while I unleashed the final blow, here's some music for your listening pleasure...

1. Trygon Cobalt House
2. DoctorQuiroga Babs Seed (End of Our Days Mix) Electronic
3. Le Soldat Pony The Return of Disharmony, Part II Alternative
4. Cherax Destructor Loveshines Ambient (Post-Rap)
5. Trygon Hive House
6. MC Flowny Re-Elevate & Remember Rap (Cover)
7. eXtaticus Morning in Ponyville, Life in Equestria - eXtaticus Eurobeat Remix Eurobeat
8. M Pallante I'm Leaving the Fandom [BronyLlamas] 80's Rock
9. Legendary Leaving The Past Alternative Rock

M*gathr*ad: *xc*ll*nt...

Hey, this is FPLOON... It seems that the program from last night's Nightly Megathread has taken over and has reworked the commenting system... So, as you talk among yourselves, let me know if you notice anything "not-of-the-norm" in the comments...

In the meantime, I'm going to try to stop it before it's too late... Let's makes this a bit interesting, so that the program doesn't get suspicious... Try to avoid commenting with the letter "E"...This megathread suggestion comes from fellow commenter Colgate...

Now, talk among yourself... I may pop in from time-to-time, so be on the lookout... *sighs* Wish me luck...

No-Frills News

Not Much time - mods all busy. Here's the news.

Colgate sent in a bunch of Youtube vids:


This comic was missed a while ago but definitely deserves mention:
Quite humorous

The guy who made the first banner for our site has submitted art to a WeLoveFine contest. Go support it if you can!

Someone sent in their fanfic: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/83579/my-limitless-lily
Not pre-read for sake of time, but seems like a bit of a tearjerker. Proceed with caution.

Also as was mentioned in the comments of the last Nightly Megathread, there seems to be a general consensus that the recent convention, Las Pegasus Unicon, didn't go too well... (check the NM comments for details) Thanks for details added by Zirconium_Pants and Jordan Olling A proposal has been Drafted by Andrew Brockert (well-known convention organizer) to make sure this doesn't happen again: many details, and some of the rumors, were compiled by some anons on /mlp/ here. If it unfortunately turns out that the organizers were con-artists, perhaps the information these anons has gathered will help the police find and arrest them. EFR posted an explanation here, and the comments here are painfully revealing. Sweetie Bot likened it to a crossover between The Hangover and Oceans Thirteen... I'd say that may be fairly accurate. LPU has their side of the story up on their website now. And here's a first-hand account of the events at the convention.