Monday, June 10, 2013

A Post By Hyperdudeman

A random post from Hyper? Now what could this be...

Music (6/11/13)

It's been a few days.
Cherax collaboration on a Rap song is worth it. So is Freewave's interesting style to combine Techno with a Saxophone. And oodorato produced something nice and uplifting with vocal samples from the show again.

Cherax Destructor ft. Albatross Nightfall Rap
Equestrian Lord Rise Of The Crystal Shadow Power/Thrash Metal
Fimbulin Bonbon's Secret Pants Infatuation Instrumental
Freewave Reckless Techno -> Jazz
GatoPaint & ShadowCatKirara Snowdrop Vocal Rock
Legendary Equestrian Space Vol 2 - Industrial Sector 5 Industrial
Light Veins & SoundwaveScootaloo Ft. Replacer The Art of Flight Vocal D'n'B
oodorato2 At the Gala リミックス Dance w/ Vocal Samples
PonyFireStone Soaring Drumstep
TheFrostShard Solitude Ambient Orchestral
Zorg Reminiscence of Years Past (DJ Gestap Remix) Techtrance

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