Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nightly Megathread #154

And now I want to play Metroid. Anyone know if there's a Metroid-style pony game? First person to link one wins. Concentrated nonsense after the break.

Season 4 Premiere Date... Place Your Bets!

Season 4 is upon us! Well, not quite. We probably have AT LEAST half a year before our beloved My Little Pony returns. So, for something fun to think about over the Spring and Summer, we're running a guessing contest for the air date of Season 4! Find the juicy details below.


Please, someone draw more ponies with books...
Anyway, a whole bunch of new comics. I've been seriously distracted after #3, though...


Needs more orche... Oh, Radiarc.

Legendary Legends Box - Bright Horizons Ambient Orchestral
Lenich Gypsy Bard (UndreamedPanic's Remix) House
Megaphoric Trusting You (DJ MHM Remix) Dubstep
metalcorepony Stand Up Metalcore
Radiarc Cynosure: Oblivious Orchestral
SkyBolt Big Macintosh Colt (Cotton-Eyed Joe Rednex Pony Parody) Country

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #185

Oh look, our site in a nutshell.
Meh, wanted to wait for more stuff, but art's slow today.

Mid-day Megathread

(Mugen gameplay footage. Yes that is Applejack)

Hello there! The other mods are asleep. Post Ponies! I will post some news and some megathread goodies while I have some time between making my 3D printer and learning how to program FEM simulations. Continue after the break for badly-organized awesomeness!


You are still awake?... Waste your time.