Sunday, March 3, 2013


Please, someone draw more ponies with books...
Anyway, a whole bunch of new comics. I've been seriously distracted after #3, though...

PONIES!!! - 34 by ~Turag

If bumming doesn't work, be creative.
On the topic of books :: Scootarocket by *Frokusdoodle

Scootaloo is going to the moon.
PranksterShy Rarity by *HowXu

Sorry, I can't say anything about the comic with that preview pic...
Queen Kazoo by ~grievousfan

But Queen Cheeselegs has other qualities besides her nutrient one.
For Your Own Good, Just Say Yes by *Pony-Berserker

A new MLP x South Park crossover. And Pinkie killed Kenny...
But I'm not mad at her.
Kingdom Not Included by ~snytbaggen

That's a truly royal expression you have there, Twilight.
And your... realm... isn't that bad...