Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mid-day Megathread

(Mugen gameplay footage. Yes that is Applejack)

Hello there! The other mods are asleep. Post Ponies! I will post some news and some megathread goodies while I have some time between making my 3D printer and learning how to program FEM simulations. Continue after the break for badly-organized awesomeness!

First off, Kyo pointed out that someone has added Applejack to Mugen, building off the resources from Fighting Is Magic. There are some differences, which Kyo explained better than I could've:

"Her play style isn't exactly the same as Fighting Is Magic, but then again, that game never came out, so... this Applejack has a Three button system: Light, Medium, and Heavy. The combo system is very similar to Marvel VS Capcom so it is very close to fighting is magic in that regard. (IE: Light, then Medium, Then heavy.)"

Here's a video of the gameplay:

I may be getting this wrong (so correct me if I do Kyo) but Mugen appears to be a fighting game to which you can add your own roster of characters. "I'm liking this idea!"

Also it seems there's a new set of blind bag ponies that includes Film, Flam, Gilda, et cetera. This may be slightly old news, but I don't think we ever mentioned it before. Read all about it here and here!

Jordan Olling found some funny/clever music:

And finally, have an extremely random video:

Dr. Cob thought up a possible megathread prompt yesterday, and I have since thought of one, so have some discussion topics:

On your intensedebate profile, your five most recent visitors (or the subset of them that you know) are now your zombie apocalypse survival team. How doomed (or not) are you?

Take the name of a character from FiM and put it into Bad Translator. Post the funniest results.
Fluttershy --> Steven Magnet

I will be doing a livestream of The Last Roundup (original version) for kicks and giggles some time this afternoon. I'll make a seperate post for that before it begins, so keep an eye out. For the moment though my computer would explode if I tried to run 3D printers AND a livestream at the same time.