Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Music (5/29/13)

Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock... Yep. Hard and heavy this time.
But there are also calming tunes like Risen's or Neighsayer's.

Aviators feat. Bronyfied Heroes (Cover by SlyphStorm) Vocal Cover
BluNoseReindeer (You're Not) Alone Acoustic Vocal
Chi-chi Daddy Discord Prologue Vocal
DijiTwitch Zeeph (Retrotype Remix) Drum 'n' Bass
DivinumX Betrayer Vocal Death Metal
Freewave Granny's Groove Electro Swing
Jackle App I Love Everything (Risen Tired Chill Remix) Instrumental
Michael Pallante Are You Doctor Whooves? Vocal Rock
Neighsayer Expedition Instrumental
PrinceWhateverer Show Stoppers (Album Version) Vocal Rock
Risen Beauty Of The Night Instrumental
Silent Night Nightmare in White Vocal Heavy Metal
Shurrikane A New Hero Is Born Orchestral

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #267 + Comics

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Just look at the picture. Speaks for itself.

Ah want it nao

Nicolas Cage cutie mark.