Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nightly Megathread #107

Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

Mashup: Shut Up and Let Me Raise this Barn/ Lyra/BonBon (Mashup Version)/ Slamometer/ Pinkie's Clarity/ Pro Derp (Improved Audio Re-Upload)

faith in whatever you do
some real ass friends that will forever be true
and even when you feel like you'll never get through
never forget nobody out there is better than you

We got a Raise this Barn mashup from ReidBartleson, a Silva Hound mashup as well as a Sim Gretina Slam mashup by CHANG31ING, a Pinkie mashup from s2jdfgs, and (as an added bonus) an improved audio version of the Yelling At Cats mashup by CHANG31ING...

1. The Ting Tings vs. Daniel Ingram - Shut Up and Let Me Raise this Barn
2. Lyra/BonBon (Mashup Version)
3. Slamometer
4. Lenich & Kirya vs. Zedd ft. Foxes - Pinkie's Clarity
5. Pro Derp (Improved Audio Re-Upload)

Artsy #132

Go to bed, Fluttershy. You look tired...

More cute Fluttershy, and other ponies, after the break.

Welovefine Animation?!

Just Watch it. You'll be glad you did.

Las Pegasus Unicon Hotel Deals

Important news for anyone attending Las Pegasus Unicon! You have a guaranteed price for a room at the Riviera for either $39 or $69 (depending on your package) until January 27. Any payment accepted after that date will cost more. Anyone who has booked their room specifically for LPU will receive a 20% discount for restaurants, bars, entertainment, the gift shop, and the spa. LPU has posted their new information about hotel room rates here, and you can also find the information on DHN.

Acronym Fun

Today, on "Are You Smarter Than A Rainbow Dash..."

Acronym - A phrase formed from the initial letters of a set of words

Didn't think you'd be learning anything today? Guess again. Head past for the break for a fun idea courtesy of our very own Colgate.

Next Episode Hints

I wonder if Meghan McCarthy's official job title includes "Build up hype for upcoming episodes" yet... It looks like John De Lancie will indeed be voicing Discord in the upcoming episode, and he will be awesome, in case that was even in question. Anyways, here's the Tweet, and many thanks to Jordan Olling for sending it in!

I'm guessing this means that Discord will return with a Mariachi band, or (or perhaps and) those lines revealed by that anon (potential spoilers, obviously) will turn out to be true. (not as certain about Sweetie Bot's predictions, but those could happen too) *crosses fingers*

Thoughts, anyone?

Comics: Flutter Beam Acquired / Keep Calm and Flutter On / MLP How to Negotiate

Yet another comic post? That's an academy record! ... Ah, it's got that old meme smell already. Let the trolling of folks who get tired of stuff really fast commence!
Comics after the break:

Comics: Lost in Manehattan: Hope/ Think Fast!/ Spitfire's Uniform/ Evil Discord/ Sparkles Experiments Epilogue

Fluttershy found you some comics

Good pony.
A random collection of comics below the break.

Music: Legends Box - Momentous Climb/ Swag (Everypony Dance Now)/ Raise this barn - EvilBuckit Remix/ Until The Sun [Precipitation Edit]/ Upheaval

I had this beautiful day-dreaming moment
The sun was shining strangely amber
Shouldered by flickering golden-green avenues
And city-doves perching on vapour trails

We got some soothing jungle music from Legendary, a Jazz-Funk cover from Freewave, a Raise This Barn electro-house remix sent to us by EvilBuckit (Thanks, yo...), an edited version of this song from RainSnowHail, and a fast electro song based off this from CommandSpry...

Take your pick(s) and you won't be disapointed after the break...

1. Legends Box - Momentous Climb
2. CMC Music Factory - Swag (Everypony Dance Now) Non-PMV
3. Raise this barn - EvilBuckit Remix
4. &I/Feather/Replacer - Until The Sun [Precipitation Edit]
5. Upheaval - CommandSpry

Artsy #131

Nope, we haven't ran out of creepy or dark headers so far.

But I filtered out a lot more than usually...
Would you be interested to see every pony that I get to see for once?
I hope not. Otherwise I might do it some time...

Drawings of colorful equines past the break.

Mashup: Babs Seed/Last Night/ Fruits of her HYPE/ The Gypsy and Seductress(Mash Up Remix)/ Viva La Shy/ You Want Magic

Weathered and overgrown
Time has told
Meaningful hidden words
Suddenly appear, from the murk

We got a Babs Seed mashup by Alto9315, a WoodenToaster mashup by Shwabadi, a mashup remix by thedjnamedGHO5T (that drop), a SimGretina mashup by metroponytan, and (as an added bonus) a Living Tombstone mashup with the Great and Powerful B.I.G by Alto9315...

(Man, I love mashups!!)

1. Diddy x MLP:FiM - Babs Seed/Last Night
2. [Mash-up] WoodenToaster vs Tempa T - Fruits of her HYPE
3. RIDIUM Vs. Griffin Lewis - The Gypsy and Seductress(Mash Up Remix)
4. Viva La Shy (mashup)
5. The Living Tombstone x The Notorious B.I.G. - You Want Magic

PMV: LALALA/ You Suffer/ Popular ~60+ Subbies Video~/ Mare, Watcha Doin?/ CMC Music Factory - Swag (Everypony Dance Now)

We got two PMVs sent by their creator ganondorfchampin (Thank you kindly...), a Rarity-esque PMV from Alexis McWaffle, a PMV (with a song I personally like) by TheDanielsaur, and the PMV version of this by Freewave...

1. LALALA [Chocolate Rain PMV]
2. You Suffer [PMV]
3. PMV - Popular ~60+ Subbies Video~
4. Mare, Watcha Doin? (PMV)
5. CMC Music Factory - Swag (Everypony Dance Now) PMV Version