Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mashup: Shut Up and Let Me Raise this Barn/ Lyra/BonBon (Mashup Version)/ Slamometer/ Pinkie's Clarity/ Pro Derp (Improved Audio Re-Upload)

faith in whatever you do
some real ass friends that will forever be true
and even when you feel like you'll never get through
never forget nobody out there is better than you

We got a Raise this Barn mashup from ReidBartleson, a Silva Hound mashup as well as a Sim Gretina Slam mashup by CHANG31ING, a Pinkie mashup from s2jdfgs, and (as an added bonus) an improved audio version of the Yelling At Cats mashup by CHANG31ING...

1. The Ting Tings vs. Daniel Ingram - Shut Up and Let Me Raise this Barn
2. Lyra/BonBon (Mashup Version)
3. Slamometer
4. Lenich & Kirya vs. Zedd ft. Foxes - Pinkie's Clarity
5. Pro Derp (Improved Audio Re-Upload)