Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Comics: Lost in Manehattan: Hope/ Think Fast!/ Spitfire's Uniform/ Evil Discord/ Sparkles Experiments Epilogue

Fluttershy found you some comics

Good pony.
A random collection of comics below the break.

 Lost in Manehattan: Hope by ~SmellsLikeBeer

Part 5 of this nice and well drawn textless comic story.
In case you haven't seen the other parts yet...
You definitely missed something.
Links in the description.
I built stairs
Of text.
Think Fast! by ~Zztfox

Yay. Pixel ponies. And Sweetie Belle is responsible for lunch again...

Spitfire's Uniform by *Mystic-Forces

What are you planning there, Rainbow...
Shenanigans, most likely.
Or not?

Evil Discord by ~HareTrinity

Discord??? PANIC!

Sparkles Experiments Epilogue - Rainbow Dash by *NavitasErusSirus

Dammit, those names are too long.
Epilogue #1 for Sparkle's Experiments.
It's just a single image, but there's a story for it in the description.

Oh, and Epilogue #2 was uploaded recently.
You know where to find it...