Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Music: Legends Box - Momentous Climb/ Swag (Everypony Dance Now)/ Raise this barn - EvilBuckit Remix/ Until The Sun [Precipitation Edit]/ Upheaval

I had this beautiful day-dreaming moment
The sun was shining strangely amber
Shouldered by flickering golden-green avenues
And city-doves perching on vapour trails

We got some soothing jungle music from Legendary, a Jazz-Funk cover from Freewave, a Raise This Barn electro-house remix sent to us by EvilBuckit (Thanks, yo...), an edited version of this song from RainSnowHail, and a fast electro song based off this from CommandSpry...

Take your pick(s) and you won't be disapointed after the break...

1. Legends Box - Momentous Climb
2. CMC Music Factory - Swag (Everypony Dance Now) Non-PMV
3. Raise this barn - EvilBuckit Remix
4. &I/Feather/Replacer - Until The Sun [Precipitation Edit]
5. Upheaval - CommandSpry