Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PMV: LALALA/ You Suffer/ Popular ~60+ Subbies Video~/ Mare, Watcha Doin?/ CMC Music Factory - Swag (Everypony Dance Now)

We got two PMVs sent by their creator ganondorfchampin (Thank you kindly...), a Rarity-esque PMV from Alexis McWaffle, a PMV (with a song I personally like) by TheDanielsaur, and the PMV version of this by Freewave...

1. LALALA [Chocolate Rain PMV]
2. You Suffer [PMV]
3. PMV - Popular ~60+ Subbies Video~
4. Mare, Watcha Doin? (PMV)
5. CMC Music Factory - Swag (Everypony Dance Now) PMV Version