Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nightly Megathread #143

It's been a while since I've done one of these, and I feel like I'm back at the beginning. |well head on past the break, and see if I still got it|

Comics: Starswirl Please / Brain Food / Scootaloo's... Gift / Flutter Dreams / EG is Coming / Flutterears

Joystick c by ~tg-0

After getting settled after that awesome PS4 conference, I've blessed you all with some wonderful pony comics, and Twilight with a dual shock of course.


Do him the favor.

Audible art.

There are some gems among these. Find your favorite one and listen to your heart's content.

BassBeastJD feat. Alioopster Celestia's Ballad (Rearrangement) Vocal cover
Coconeru & Steven, A.D. Tavi and Scratch (A Tropical Octav3) Rap
Evdog Denorious Vocal Metal
Quix Lovestruck Instrumental
Retrotype Quiet and Alone Chillstep
Twitch Pegasi (3xOsc Edit) House
UndreamedPanic Forgive Me Instrumental
UndreamedPanic Send In The Troops! Chiptune
ViFFeX ft. Faux Synder Inner Strength, Outward Power (Jeff Burgess' Remix) Vocal
WolfOfSadness I've Got to Find a Way (WolfOfSadness' Remix) Drum'n'Bass


hotdiggedydemon just released the long-awaited next part of his quite popular PONY.MOV series.
It's... probably exactly what you expect it to be.

Brace yourselves for a new twisted pony experience directly out of an equally twisted mind.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #174

I almost accidently the entire thing. Never test new code in serious posts...
Anyway, fixed it hopefully. Enjoy your daily art.

PMVs: The Next Wave

If you want to make the header on DD, just draw Gurren Lagann ponies. I'll find a reason to use it. Another load of PMVs today. These things are coming out like crazy since the finale. Hopefully you'll find something for your tastes.

Lordzelix Leaving Earth Clint Mansell
ScreenMonkeyMan Galaxies Owl City
Lawofthefire1 Another Way Out Hollywood Undead
GuyWithNoNickName The Spectacular Spider-Mare Theme Spectaluar Spider-man
Yami Chan Just Give Me A Reason Pink
Yami Chan Sugar Rush Cash Cash
Mike Pilo When I Find My Wings Mandopony
Dermarss Feel This Moment Pitbull
ComicSansaMS On The Run Pink Floyd
Trident Maniac Bring Me To Life Evanescence

Just The Music (For Your Listening Pleasure)

I guess it's true, the way the sayin' goes:
You can change a wardrobe, but not the man under the clothes
And you can, walk a mile in these inner-city shoes
But you still won't understand my inner-city blues

The music in this post ranges from trance to rock to even part of a fanfic soundtrack... You can't go wrong with any of these songs...

1. Opticlaudimix [0PT1]-Valor Electronic
2. Ziran I've Got to Find a Way (Ziran Remix) Trance
3. Forcedemodo Past Sins: The Soundtrack (Chapter 10-1) Soundtrack
4. WubaDubPony Rain Piano
5. TheShad3 Allons-y - &I (feat. Feather) (TheShad3 Remix) Dubstep
6. Surge The Change Electronic
7. Claire Anne Carr Magical Mystery Cure Rock! Rock