Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Audible art.

There are some gems among these. Find your favorite one and listen to your heart's content.

BassBeastJD feat. Alioopster Celestia's Ballad (Rearrangement) Vocal cover
Coconeru & Steven, A.D. Tavi and Scratch (A Tropical Octav3) Rap
Evdog Denorious Vocal Metal
Quix Lovestruck Instrumental
Retrotype Quiet and Alone Chillstep
Twitch Pegasi (3xOsc Edit) House
UndreamedPanic Forgive Me Instrumental
UndreamedPanic Send In The Troops! Chiptune
ViFFeX ft. Faux Synder Inner Strength, Outward Power (Jeff Burgess' Remix) Vocal
WolfOfSadness I've Got to Find a Way (WolfOfSadness' Remix) Drum'n'Bass