Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just The Music (For Your Listening Pleasure)

I guess it's true, the way the sayin' goes:
You can change a wardrobe, but not the man under the clothes
And you can, walk a mile in these inner-city shoes
But you still won't understand my inner-city blues

The music in this post ranges from trance to rock to even part of a fanfic soundtrack... You can't go wrong with any of these songs...

1. Opticlaudimix [0PT1]-Valor Electronic
2. Ziran I've Got to Find a Way (Ziran Remix) Trance
3. Forcedemodo Past Sins: The Soundtrack (Chapter 10-1) Soundtrack
4. WubaDubPony Rain Piano
5. TheShad3 Allons-y - &I (feat. Feather) (TheShad3 Remix) Dubstep
6. Surge The Change Electronic
7. Claire Anne Carr Magical Mystery Cure Rock! Rock