Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comics: Starswirl Please / Brain Food / Scootaloo's... Gift / Flutter Dreams / EG is Coming / Flutterears

Joystick c by ~tg-0

After getting settled after that awesome PS4 conference, I've blessed you all with some wonderful pony comics, and Twilight with a dual shock of course.

Star Swirled was a failed version of Twilight Sparkle. I like this.  

This comic is horribly inaccurate. Pinkie would be able to make the chalk board Pink and give the pie its natural color.  

I hate it when ponies are cute. It makes me shudder in agony. Too bad it happens remarkably often. 

Now I want to see Spike's dreams where he gets an episode where he's a relative character. Dreams will be dreams, though.

You should be very scared right about now. 

Dumbo anyone?