Friday, January 4, 2013

Nightly Megathread #96

Flying around at the speed of sound~

Game: Derpy Muffins
Ready for Derpy? want a game too? here ya go. (but first you must defeat THE PAGE BREAK)

Mega Music Post: Commenter-Generated Edition

Music today is provided by SleepToFade, Lyra(?), and Chang31ing. Wow! With our productive capacities temporarily diminished, all you commenters have really stepped up to the task of helping out! I'm thoroughly impressed! Glad to see participation spreading, and people really starting to submit things. Without further adieu, Music:
  1. sgap : night glider
  2. Noluv - Parasprites (Retrotype Remix)
  3. Nameless Warning - No Reality
  4. Under My Wings (Feat. Coconeru)
  5. WaveStreaker - Paradise [Rainbow Dash] (DnB)
  6. My Sunset (Risen's Earth Pony Edit)
  7. GatoPaint - Until The Sun Rock!
  8. Herdvana - Rotten Seed
  9. Scratch really got me, you know?
  10. Ben Davis - Applejack
  11. Chang31ing - Eclipse/Pegasi

Artsy #112


Your daily dose of pony art today by Trigomnomnomnom. And what better way to kick it off than badass Twilight, am I right? Much more after the break. 

Oh yeah, and thank you SleepToFade once again. With pretty much everyone gone I can say this whole artsy is pretty much because of you. 

Gamespot reviews Fighting Is Magic creators

A little gray pegasus told us Gamespot recently had a rather long interview with the creators of Fighting Is Magic! It goes quite in depth of how it all started and how much trouble/fun they had with making it! Plus you get to see how baffled Gamespot is with the existence of a pony fighting game (you know, the normal reaction to such a thing).

Go here for the Gamespot page, and here for DHN's Article on the subject.

Super Slow Day Can Be Fun

So not only is pretty much no one on, but there's nothing to be posted, at least from me. My DA messages is a barren wasteland. Anyway, why not get a bit silly in this lull of content? Head here to run the flash-game of fate to see what your Equestrian destiny would/could/should be. Make sure to post in the comments so we can point at you and laugh!

Thanks to TwilightisMagic for the suggestion. 

Music: Stick Around/ Somber's Home/ Backy Up/ Pinkie Pie Style

I'm going to wait until I see logos like this one on a custom shirt...

He stretched his text causing me to black out
It took my DAT out
I couldn't back out
It took out the sound man I'm taking a pounding
I bust out an accupella that's astounding

Start this off with some acoustic from Mandopony, follow by a vocal by Zephysonas, and then finish up with some electronic from thedjnamedGHO5T and MusiciansOfPonyville...

1. Stick Around - Original MLP Song by MandoPony
2. Somber's Home (Original song)
3. Backy Up(Original Mix)
4. Pinkie Pie Style (Original Mix)