Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nightly Megathread #169

???: Ahead lies something you seek... but in order to claim it, you must loose something that doesn't matter to you...


I was kinda hoping she was going to be in the show. Get that purple one outta here, we need some new life. Until then, browse these comics to your heart's content.

Game: Pinkie's Trolled Strolls & Sad Pinkie

Want to Save Pinkie from trolls? Or do you just want to troll Pinkie? well now you can. MUST STOP TRO- HAZZAH TROLL ALL THE PONIES! |head below the break to play game with sound and as an added bonus you will get to play as Pinkamena in the Sad Pikie version of the game|

Ink [PMV]

It's not very often we get a PMV as high-quality as this, but Malathrom has done it again. Custom effects, excellent clip choice, and an enjoyable song. It's works like these that really help to set our fandom apart from the others. Enjoy.

Snowdrop Trailer Review by Discord and Chrysalis

SillyFillyStudios tossed up a neat little trailer in honor of Snowdrop's premiere this Thursday.
Watch Discord and Chrysalis reviewing the trailer from back then. Though I'm not sure how much they actually discuss the trailer compared to more personal issues...
Anyway, Discord and Chrysalis. Should suffice to motivate you. Also, the animation was done by one of the newer animators.

As usual, click the image or go past the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #200

Artsy #200. And if you thought I'd have nothing special planned for this, you're totally right. Maybe for #222.
It has been requested to shorten very long Artsys, by splitting it into two separate posts for example.
Now I'd not be happy with posting two of these at the same time. Holding one back for 2 hours would be an option. I'd like to have some tests, though... This one has approximately 60 entries. If you experience any problems, like missing pictures or very long loading times, please report it in the comments. But keep in mind that it's still a post that requires some bandwidth.
Also, I got another possible idea to build these...

TL;DR, enjoy the art.

Button's Adventures Promo

The guys whose names you can see on the image are producing a mini-series about a young colt going by the name of Button Mash. The episodes will be around 3 or 4 minutes in length and revolve around Button, his family and friends as they go through their everyday life.

So, if you like real background ponies, this will be a nice tale for you. Either way, we can expect superior animations and voice acting.

Click the image above or watch the short promo after the break.


Just some PMVs. One or two fancy ones worth checking out. Go for it.

Eucratess Day To Live Diki Kasho
TheRainbowDash20 Once In A Lifetime 12 Stones
LPSrock421 Saviour Not sure on this one
CreatorDoctor Derpy Skyfall Adele
DrPOssumFreAk I Dreamed A Dream Les Miserables
ObbsessiveBookworm Welcome Home Radical Face
Robohomosapien Coming Home Diddy