Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I was kinda hoping she was going to be in the show. Get that purple one outta here, we need some new life. Until then, browse these comics to your heart's content.

1. My Little... Pony? by ~Stonebolt

I'm now imagining that every time a conflict emerges in Ponyville they film the intro again.

2. My Little Websurfers - Part 4 by *ParallaxMLP

I can't wait until they visit Discor's Domain.
3. Alternative Spike by *Pony-Berserker

Twilight should season he scrolls a bit so Princess Celestia will go with this method.
4. Striking Simularities by *wildtiel

I have no idea what's going on either.
5. The red flower by ~CIRILIKO

She always was a "show" magician...

6. As Much as A Full Stallion by *theflashguy

Cannibalism should be canon. They both start with "can" after all.