Friday, July 26, 2013

Nightly Megathread #193

Welcome to another lovely Nightly! And that picture above shows that I should never be blamed for anything! So nothing is my fault. Nothing. Anyway, discussion is after the break!

Discussion: Stoked about Stoke's theorem

This one's quick and simple: if you had to characterize the fundamental physical laws of Equestria, what would they be? ...I call Rule of Funny!  That's the one that explains Pinkie Pie. ... And sorry for linking to TV Tropes.

Also I learned how to embed .swf files in blogger pages... Yay!

The Living Library Casting

Always relevant

The folks over at The Living Library Players Society are casting for their weekly livestream. They are currently in need of female voice actors, specifically Trixie. So if you're a  girl (or can pass as one) send auditions over to Good luck.

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