Friday, July 26, 2013

Nightly Megathread #193

Welcome to another lovely Nightly! And that picture above shows that I should never be blamed for anything! So nothing is my fault. Nothing. Anyway, discussion is after the break!

Well, well, well. I bet you're all wondering what the discussion is for tonight, eh? Here it is! If you could change one thing, and I repeat, ONE thing on the My Little Pony, what would it be? Would you change a certain character? Would you add something? Would you remove something? The possibilities are endless! As long as you choose two things! I repeat, TWO things are what you need to decide on what you would add/change/remove/whatever with My Little Pony! Oh and here's how Equestria was made! Or more specifically Derpy...

Oh and another thing... at last night's NM, Lyra killed me. So should I be brought back to life? That's another part of the discussion.