Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nightly Megathread #122

Rainbow Dash wants to give you a hug... If you wish to accept it, then enter tonight's Nightly Megathread...

Mashup: Sweetie Belle Loves Fractals (The Sixteenth Razor Mashup)/ Look Like Sweetie Belle/ Babs Seed (The Living Tombstone Remix) CMC and MandoPony Mix/ discord garden/ Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu Ft. EileMonty, Zatslol, Derpidety

This comes to mind as I look at this pic...
Feeling all pressured by the peers and the media
Getting jiggy with confines place, I'm telling ya
Anywhere you be from New York to Siberia
Gotta feel your own beat and shake your derriere

We got two Ultimate Sweetie Belle mashups, one's from The Sixteenth Razor (that drop...) and the other's from ReidBartleson (that mild language...), a Babs Seed double mashup from itsZethin (Tombstone and Mando combine!), a simple mashup between Discord and Beyond Her Garden from Deamonangel, and a 5-man Pony Waifu mashup collab presented by RainSnowHail...

1. Sweetie Belle Loves Fractals (The Sixteenth Razor Mashup)
2.  Alex S. vs. Lil B - Look Like Sweetie Belle
3. Babs Seed (The Living Tombstone Remix) CMC and MandoPony Mix
4. discord garden (mash up)
5. TheRunner1230/RainSnowHail - Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu Ft. EileMonty, Zatslol, Derpidety [Mashup]

[Animation] Ponies With Hats

Twilight headers are always relevant.

Bly me! The bloody animation in this is bloody amazing! But a word of warning, contains a bloody human covered in bloody blood, caused by a bloody pony. Bloody hell...

Comic Megapost


Fluttershy wants to share some comics with you.

A whole bunch of them, actually. Some old (in the Internet's timescale) and some new.
You will find something you like.

After the break for previews and links.

A (small) Music Megapost

Today's list of music:
Nicolas Dominique -- Faster Than Storm -- Trance
Silent Night -- Dear Sister Moon -- Vocal Hard Rock
Sim Gretina -- Where Rich Ponies Go -- Vocal House
Sim Gretina -- Where Rich Ponies Go (Doofcake Remix) -- Vocal Electronic
Counterwise -- Flashbang -- House/Dubstep
174UDSI -- The Queen Of The Night (feat. D'Kelli) -- Vocal House

Embeds after the break

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #153

Since it's inevitable, I dedicated a section of this Artsy to our spoiler of the year.
I made it so that you can skip it, though. Should work.
And sorry that the Artsy's became so late recently... Have this particular header as an excuse.

Find some hopefully new art after the break.

Animation: Uoooooooh! / Muffin Season / Flyscooteh


Comics: Who Wants to Be An Alicorn / A Draconequus' Heart / The Importance Of Being Careful / Twilight Sparkle Princess / Drown Me In Food

Comic time! Are you ready, cause the CMC sure are! See 'em after the break.

PMV: Shy

Remember the short preview of a PMV that Malathrom uploaded last week? The promising thing with Fluttershy in it? Full of effects? Of course you don't.
Anyway, he finished it today after a lot of work. And since I'm totally unbiased, I give it a solo post.

Find a mind-shattering breathtaking awesomazing PMV after the break.

Princess Coronation Concert Press Release

The Hub has released their official press release on their Princess Coronation Concert event happening in L.A. Read it here or see more after the break. Also, some new information on the finale, if you're in to that kind of stuff.

The Second Change

You may have noticed the new page on the website this morning.

IntenseDebate is insufficient for what I'd like this site to be. So I'm playing around to learn how other chat features function, and learning about alternatives. In the short term we could migrate off of Skype to some other real-time communication method like that IRC. Eventually, whatever communication method we go with could even replace the blog email for submissions, via comment tagging. Ultimately I'd like to make some sort of graphical display for all the branches of a given conversation, with lots of cool features and color-coding. I'll explain more later when I've worked on it more: Just consider this a first step / an initial experiment. And of course, if anything goes wrong, apply the relevant Derpy quote.

Game: Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue

Jordan Olling let us know about a neat flash game by Infinitydash on DeviantArt. You can play it here or after the break. (if it embeds properly: there seemed to be a few issues)

Morning Youtube Vids

How'd you get up there AJ? (source)

This morning we have for your enjoyment an epic PMV sent in by littleshy, and even more ponies sliding into boxes, after the break.

Morning News

A bunch of news from DHN this morning! There's a tentative (and frankly impressive) Las Pegasus Unicon panel schedule here, and some updates about the NICI plushies to be appearing soon (the smaller ones seem more show-accurate IMO).

Also, remember that recent appearance of a brony question in that Jeapordy-like game-show? Well it is now on youtube. Check it out after the break!

Also I've been trying to play around with post formats for a variety of reasons. Let me know what you think of that in the comments. Does it fit the title of "Discord's Domain" better?