Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Comic Megapost


Fluttershy wants to share some comics with you.

A whole bunch of them, actually. Some old (in the Internet's timescale) and some new.
You will find something you like.

After the break for previews and links.
Upside down kiss by *DERPYLOVER

A little picture only comic featuring this rather established pairing.
But it's cute and innocent.
Woona want to be ya by *Jowybean

You can guess from this preview here that it's a funny comic.
Woona is always appreciated and relevant.
MLP Propelled by *LoCeri

Yay for LoCeri's unique style.
I guess RD didn't want to be bothered since she's so busy.
So she just telepathically told him to cut it short and leave.
A Little too sweet by ~TheWormOuroboros

Huh... Turned out that this here started a trilogy.
So this is part 3. Technically.
It also contains a bad pun, if you're up for it.
~ News from Twilight ~ by =Overmare

Twilight decrees that this comic contains spoilers.

And Scootaloo. Guess what happens.
A needed lesson by *BaldDumboRat

Damn ninjas cutting onions...

Also, spoilers.
Shout! by *DaringDashie

Shout, shout, let it all out...
Strange Familiy by ~CIRILIKO

Caution: Contains Chuck Norris

And it also contains one dreadful crossover...
MLP: Alternate Discord (Commissioned) by *tan575

An alternative for Discord's liberation from his lithic prison.
Bring Pinkie Pie.
 Lyras Pet by ~SauseSource

"Best channel ever..."
MLP the fallen moon 01 by *Guardian-Core

The beginning of a series around Luna. Supposedly.
It's very well drawn and about Luna, so what are you waiting for?
And here's page 2.

Watch her if you want to follow the series or wait for us to post it again once it's completed.
Selfish Loyalty [page 1] by ~StrangeMoose

Another beginning of a series. Textless so far and also well drawn.
Fluttershy and RD? Why not.

Watch him if you want to follow the series or wait for us to post it again once it's completed.