Monday, March 11, 2013

Nightly Megathread #161

FPLOON: Hey, Hyper... Have you seen Bob?
Hyperdudeman: *thinks* No... But, could you explain to me the ending to Neon Genesis?
FPLOON: Which ending? *pauses* Never-mind... *vanishes*'
Hyperdudeman: *pauses* I'll just Wiki it, then...

Game: Dress up Rainbow Dash!

well then... have some RD dress-up look mommy, I made a pony! |*ahem* check it out after the break|

Angerelic Interview

"What? The interview's over?? But, we missed it!"

Well, have no fear... because you can now re-watch this interview on demand after the break...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #193

Why do I almost always forget to write a description for these? If it wasn't for a new piece of art that appeared, you would see my placeholder now.

Have a look at this compilation of finest new art. Courtesy of an army of artists out there.

Time For PMVs

So, yeah. Gollum pony is pretty darn freaky. Anyways, 7 PMVs today. Hopefully you'll find something for you.

MelonHarmony Sparkle Brighter DJ Earworm (Mashup)
Pfmiv This Dream Island
TheCaptainSand This Fire Killswitch Engage
Trapppyy Payphone Maroon 5
LiDuEntertainment Ready To Die Andrew W. K.
SuperOptimisticEmo Expendable Voltaire
John Sheppard Waiting For The End Linkin Park


See? I can use other headers without including Fluttershy. *twitches*
And umm... Sorry for that "genre" there.

ArtAttack This Day Aria (AA Trap Remix) #SWAG remix
DerpyCrash Winter Electronic Progressive Rock
Forest Rain A Summer In the Stars Original Vocal Rock
Jastrian What a Magical Place Trance
Play Brony Love is in Bloom (Acoustic Remix) Acoustic Vocal
PonyFireStone Celestia's Ballad (PonyFireStone Remix) Electronic
Radiarc Cynosure: The Grand Descent Orchestral
Resonantwaves Sweet Dreams Ambient
Sim Gretina Morning In Ponyville (Stupid Sim Gretina Dusk Shine Remix) House

Equestria Girls: Letter to Celestia

10/10 would watch XD. I have a feeling I'll like this more than the real thing, even if the real thing turns out to be decent.

Also as Trig put it earlier, "Remember when Equestria Girls was the name of an advertisement/song? Pepperidge farm remembers..."

Good Night