Monday, March 11, 2013


See? I can use other headers without including Fluttershy. *twitches*
And umm... Sorry for that "genre" there.

ArtAttack This Day Aria (AA Trap Remix) #SWAG remix
DerpyCrash Winter Electronic Progressive Rock
Forest Rain A Summer In the Stars Original Vocal Rock
Jastrian What a Magical Place Trance
Play Brony Love is in Bloom (Acoustic Remix) Acoustic Vocal
PonyFireStone Celestia's Ballad (PonyFireStone Remix) Electronic
Radiarc Cynosure: The Grand Descent Orchestral
Resonantwaves Sweet Dreams Ambient
Sim Gretina Morning In Ponyville (Stupid Sim Gretina Dusk Shine Remix) House