Monday, November 12, 2012

Nightly Megathread #44

Evil Queen Twilight by ~AppleCider1412

Guide to the MLP Comic Covers

Am I the only one confused about the wumbo amount of MLP comic covers? Good. Assuming someone answered yes. Anyways, a kind ol' chap on the MLP reddit forum known as drewlynoted concocted a nice little guide to this comical madness. You can find the official post here or the full write-up below.

Poll Results: Who is best Apple?

Applejack wins by a landslide, and the Oranges get no love... these bi-weekly-ish polls are taking a new direction, sunday made polls will be episode ratings, while wednesday made polls will be our usual wacky ideas, so stay tuned and vote... |more after the break|

EQLA Panel Compilation Post (and other madness)

EQLA took place last weekend, and it also appears that Everfree Network has finished uploading their coverage of the event. (I hope I'm calling by the right name. It appears they've re-branded themselves from Everfree Radio to Everfree Network.)

Also, check out FPLOON's personal write-up of his experience of the convention. Trust me, it was insane in the membrane. Tons of Gangnam Style, pony production giants; Don't miss it!

You ready to see tons of pony panels and maybe some assorted madness along the way? Click these links below!

Update: All panels and events listed.

Instrumental Music: Intraventure/ Crystal Palace/ No Smiles For Those Left Behind - For Inkie Pie [Ambient DnB]

King Sombra in a nutshell (minus his three "spoken" words...)
Picture, I'm a dreamer, I'll take you deeper
Down to the sleepy glow
Time is a low, don't you know
What are we going to do?

Such soothing music awaits you... All of these songs (except the third one ironically) are part of the Soft Spectrum album... So, if you like what you hear, then I implore you to check out the album...

1. Intraventure
2. Resonantwaves - Crystal Palace
3. Neu KatalYst - No Smiles For Those Left Behind - For Inkie Pie [Ambient DnB]

PMV: She Will by Lil Wayne ft Drake/ King Sombra's Toxic Love/ Raritwi

I'm in a sombra mood today, so I'm going to pretend that I'm biased towards #2 for the time being...

PMVs after the [crystal] break...

1. [PMV] She Will by Lil Wayne ft Drake
2. [PMV] King Sombra's Toxic Love
3. [PMV] Raritwi

Comic Post #43: Atomic Rainbomb / Derpy's Dream / Never / Sombra's Stairs

SSR - Pinkie Spy by *Scramjet747

Speaking of Pinkie, you guys should've seen the troll Sweetie Bot pulled on us. It involved Season 3 Episode 3 and rick rolling. Let your imaginations run free. Browse these comics while you ponder the possibilities.

Plushies and Customs #2

New season means new costumes. New costumes means MORE PLUSHIES AND CUSTOMS!
See them after the break.

Aviators - Tonight (Sim Gretina Remix)

Wait... Is this Sim Gretina's first time remixing another brony's song?? If it is, then my mind is blown twice and, in the process, I can't stop dancing!!! Check out this awesome remix after the break [dance].

Did Sailor Moon Inspire Ponies? Probably Not.

Following the season three premiere, some fans have been finding similarities between the Crystal Empire, and Crystal Tokyo, a locale from the anime Sailor Moon.  Recently, an article has been written comparing the two.  So, how valid are these connections?  Not terribly.  While there are some similarities, the differences outweigh them by far.  To read about it in more detail, check out the article here. GO after the break for some comparisons.

Artsy-Wartys Stuff #45


T-Twi!? How could you!? No! I refuse to believe this! I refuse! What are you doing Twi!? Y-you wouldn't hurt me, would you? NO! NOOO-


-OOO! Huh!? It was only a dream... Twi would never do that... Not in a million years...
Go see some art while I huddle in a corner.

Lord of the Rings Re-enacted by Ponies

Probably my favorite one so far. Make Sure to watch after the break!

Music: Yay! (It's Season 3)/ Equestrian Space - The Race S1/ At Twilight's Break(ft. BluNoseReindeer)

This could be taken out of context... I think...

In my backpack, I got my act right
In case you act quite difficult
And your is so weaken with anger and discontent
Some are seeking and searching like me, moi

Season 3 reaction in song form, space (reminding me a little of Sonic), and "that vocal drop" in the third song... All after the break...

1. Yay! (It's Season 3) - the Phony Brony
2. Equestrian Space - The Race S1
3. Seventh Element - At Twilight's Break(ft. BluNoseReindeer)

Fanfic: How To Find a Princess

[Comedy][Random] "I should of saw this coming..." -FPLOON

By: Pony-Berserker

Celestia is tired of waking up before sunrise. She decides to go on a short vacation but needs to find somepony to stand in for her...

How To Find a Princess

Comic post #42 Book Time! / CMC's Worst Fear / TwiPhone

Got some early morning comics for you. Have an assortment of Doctor and assistant, CMC, and Twi and technology. Enjoy!

Episode Review: The Crystal Empire

The people over at Everfree Radio have released a insightful and humorous review on the season premier. Watch it after the break.