About DD

(Here to learn about this blog? You've come to the right place. The door opens the other way though...)

Once upon a time, in the magical land of EqD, a group of commenters spent their days making all sorts of zany comments together. As these commenters got more and more involved, they eventually started generating large threads of nested comments. This displeased some of the other regulars of the blog, who deemed such long threads pointless, off-topic spam. Eventually a moderator of EqD started threatening to ban commenters involved in the creation of these "megathreads". Some of the commenters, the "blog 6", the protagonists of this short tale, eventually thought it was probably for the best if they found somewhere else to comment. Their exodus from EqD gave rise to this very site.

But that's not the end of our story: you see, it wasn't long until the small chaotic blog they had originally intended developed into what for all intents and purposes, seemed to be a clone of EqD. However the blog 6 were not satisfied with a mere replica of EqD, and they quickly realized that with their newfound status as moderators, they could make their blog into something altogether new. And so they ventured to shape their site into a place where people could be creative, share their ideas and content, and simply have fun.

So now you might be wondering how exactly this crazy place works. Occasionally it still serves as a hub for megathreads, and like EqD, people can submit stuff via email and comment on posts, but unlike EqD, commenters are encouraged to "submit" stuff simply by posting it in the comments. That way it won't have to sit around in an inbox for a while, and you can strike up a conversation/get feedback immediately and know that your content/ideas/suggestions have been spread. The blog moderators are always looking for new ways to further improve the site, so make sure to post your suggestions in the comments. They will be heard.

We hope you enjoy your stay on this site. Sincerely,
The ever-growing list of blog mods of Discord's Domain.