Saturday, April 4, 2015

Season 5 and the Changes It Brings

Well fillies and gentlecolts, Season 5 is finally here. And with that comes big news. Discord's Domain is moving on. Read more after the break.
I've been on this little Blogspot since Novemeber 2012. Slowly all the original community has drifted off. Most don't even watch the show anymore. I've thought about trying to restore this site but the effort was more than I could put in alone. But then an opportunity struck. offered me all the resources I could need to set up a news site for them. Essentially, DD is moving to a new name, but will still be DD. I hope to see all of you on the new site

Now you may be wondering about this site. Well have no fear, the original Discord's Domain isn't going anywhere. This blog will be up as an archive of sorts. All the content will still be here and hey, it may even get a new post every now and then. I appreciate all of you who still view it. You are, to me, the greatest people in this fandom. Every single person who has ever viewed this site holds a special place in my heart.

Onward to the future!!!


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