Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nightly Megathread #54

Akili-Amethyst is just awesome with these!!

This Nightly Megathread is brought to you by the letter P... What does it stand for? Isn't it obvious??

The answer to that question (and more) after you click on further, thus killing the troll that was actually an alien pilgrim...

music : Before Ponies / Queen of Harps / Crystality / Creation of harmony

Have one more post before the nightly. We got a vocal describing what life was before ponies, an instrumental, dubstep, and more vocals. Listen to them after the break!

1.) Before Ponies (ft. Cyril the Wolf) BluNoseReindeer MLP Music
2.) Brony MACH - Queen of Harps [Instrumental]
3.) Skorp - Crystality
4.) Equestrian Space - Creation of harmony

Twi: The Great and Powerful

I cannot wait for this movie to come out, and this ponified trailer of OZ shall fill my wait in the meantime... especially with it's clever editing, recoloring choices, and the right ponies fitting the trailer roles quite nicely... So, check out this awesome ponified trailer after the break...

Epic Pony Battles of History- Celestia vs. Luna

Looks like another pony rap battle has been made. This time between Celestia and Luna. Tell us who you think won in the comments. Go and watch it after the break!

[SFM]: Fluttershy's Picnic Bombing / When I'm a Time Pony / Pinkie of the North Star / Pony Fighter II

Have a few random vids that didn't quite warrant their own post. We have a SFM of Fluttershy's picnic, a vid of a dead fad, a comic dub, and Ranbow Dash beating up a punk cloud. Watch em' after the break!

My Little Pony Fans Hold Online Charity Drive

It looks like we are in the news again. This time for charity. Go here for the full article, or go past the break for some copypasta. 

Spike's Dating Simulator

[Comedy] [Slice of Life]

Innocent Spike plays a dating simulator...starring the ponies of Equestria. Though as he delves further into the game, his attitude towards it begins to take a dramatic turn. Because for Spike it will no longer be just a game. It will become his new way of life.

Spike's Dating Simulator by MallaJong1 

PMV: I am PONYTANIUM / My Little Scrubs: Goodbye Carla / Ghastly Gorge (Hard Mode) /

Have some Ponytanium, more Scrubs PMV's, and a 8-bitish game PMV.
PMV goodness!

1.) Hack: I am PONYTANIUM
2.) My Little Scrubs: Goodbye Carla
3.) [PMV] Ghastly Gorge (Hard Mode) - Neu KatalYst

Comic Post #57: Wreck it Celly! / Trixie and Merasmus in "The Assistant" / 'Cause Tomorrow Winter is Here - Alternate Ending / Spitfire's Brother / Admittedly, Cloudsdale is Pretty Clever

Pinkie clone troopers by *Raikoh-illust

Dave should've named the episode "Attack of the Clones" for back to back Star Wars references from the premiere episodes. Er, that it, if they don't mind getting sued by Disney. Now how exactly do they hold blasters again? Oh right, reasons. Comics after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Post #57

Happy Turkey Day, everypony! I hope all of you stuff yourselves until you explode!
Derpy eats meat? Bob is probably hiding under his bedsheets right about now.

Mega Music Post #19

More of that music to engorge yourself with! Berry Punch's take on Pinkie's Singing Telegram song, instrumental music "in fancy!", and a whole lotta others!

1.) Berry's Drinking Telegram (Cover)
2.) Neighsayer - She Sure Showed Them
3.) Frenssu - Je suis à Paris
4.) Echos Of Friendship
5.) Beyond Her Garden (Remake)
6.) Derpy Hooves - The Deep blue
7.) Torrent-Luna's Moon
8.) This Day Aria Duet - Happy Thanksgiving... Again.
9.) Green Bird-Cowboy Bebop (Foxy's Cover)
10.) At the Gala (cool sherbet mix)
11.) RaRa - Star Seed (Luna Tribute)
12.) Aviators - One Last Letter (AndrewClocksinPK Remix)
13.) Equestrian Space - Industrial Sector 4
14.) Zykrath - Legend of the Crystal Empire
15.) Pony Thanksgiving
16.) Frenssu - I Don't Hate You

Enterplay Black Friday Specials & Surprise Sales

Seems like Enterplay will be releasing some specials and sales on Black Friday. Don't miss out on your chance to get discounted FIM cards! Go here to the Enterplay store or here to their facebook page.

Comic post #56 : The Story of the Daytime Moon / Pink Eye / Dys. Equestria: Return of the Clones / Kindergarten days 20

Have some morning comics to start the day. We have an awesome explanation for Luna, Derpy's revenge, attack of the clones, and hugs. Go and read em' after the break!